´¯`•. November 01, 2016

Robotics Timeline

As a homeschooler who pulls a lot of her pedagogy methods from Charlotte Mason, it’s a given that I try to put some timelines together in order to help my children see the progression of technology.  If you’ve been around for any amount of time, you know that I’ve done an ‘Audio’ timeline, a ‘Computer’ timeline, an ‘Automotive’ timeline, a ‘Classic Literature’ timeline, and a ‘Music’ timeline.  Well, my goal was to get two more timelines completed for our Book of Centuries before Hanukkah: one on aviation, and one on robotics.

And this week, I managed to put together the robotics timeline.  I mostly drew from this site, but there seems to be a fine line between computer technology and robotics technology, and it made things pretty difficult for me.  Mostly, if I’ve already covered it in the computer timeline, I omitted it from this one.

HOWEVER… their technology timeline on that site ended in 2001.  Let me tell you… things have gone way further, since then!  There were at least four articles that came to mind (for me, anyhow!) that I had to include.  There’s probably a lot more, and if you know of any, feel free to tip me off, so that I can look further into it.  I can use all the help you’ll give!

This being a technology timeline… it’s pretty fun (and ironic) that I’m trying something different, this time.  I had a grandfathered free site at Keep & Share for uploading documents.  I’ve reached my limit of storage space, however… so I wanted to know if there was a way to upload files directly to THIS site.  And apparently there is!  I’ve never tried this, before, though.  It makes me nervous to try.  (I really ought to invest in a paid blog site, here – for support help.  Still considering it.)

Anyhow, if you’d like the file, click here to open (…?  Download…?)


Note:  This is a Word .doc – you can change it any way you’d like, to make it suitable for your own use.  We actually ended up dumping one of the pictures from it, ourselves, and I half wish – now that I’d made them a little smaller.  Ah, well… next time!

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