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When I was a kid, I met my best friend Dan thru cartooning.

I was ten (ish?) years old, and in the fourth grade.  A friend (from church or something) had taught me how to draw a Smurf in four steps, and I loved that it was so easy.  I drew a LOT of Smurfs.  Hello, it was the 80’s and the Saturday morning cartoons were worlds away better than what I see in the Nickelodeon previews, today.  Anyhow, my parents divorced, we joined the Air Force, we moved to a new place/school/everything… and fourth graders got LOCKERS in my new school.  Kids were so much more happening than in the sleepy little small town elementary I’d been in before – these kids were military brats, and worldly. They came from all over, and learned stuff from every corner of the country (and in some cases, the globe).

But one thing remains the same, world-wide: bullying.  And the kids in our class were picking (badly) on a boy in my class.  They were sneering at him because he allegedly watched ‘Smurfs’.  Whether he watched them or not was irrelevant to me: I thought everyone watched Smurfs on Saturday mornings.  It wasn’t a big thing – and I suspected those jerks messing with him secretly watched them, too.  But I felt bad that he was getting crapped on for something innocent… so I drew him a picture of a Smurf and tucked it in his locker.  We were best friends, from that moment on.

I got taught how to draw other popular cartoons, too.  My mom learned to do ‘Peanuts’ characters when she was VBS director at our church (and chose a Snoopy theme).  I learned along with her.  Other friends taught me to do Garfield and Odie, the cat and dog duo from the comics in the Sunday funnies.  I could do a mean Hello Kitty, and an array of Care Bears.  (I’ve whipped them out for my kids, who are, like, ‘Whoa…!!’  It’s my job as Mom to blow their minds on a regular basis, you know.)

Anyhow, I want them to have the same kinds of fun experiences with art.  There is a LOT of art in our schooling, being that we’re of a classical (AO/CM) bent.  We do chalk, charcoals, watercolors, and sculpting.  We study a different master’s works every week.  We have a different world art every week, too.  And don’t forget our SotW history activities… they’re seriously art-inspired, too.  But as for stuff they can just drawn and mess with?  We need that.  Everyone needs that, IMHO.

So… cartooning!  I’ve put together a ‘curriculum’ of cartooning, and they are just begging for more, every day.  But more than that, they’re learning cartooning styles.  But I wanted to start at the easiest levels, and work our way up from there.  I have kids ages 6 thru 16… beginning with basic shapes and making simple cartoons first was a must.  It’s also a HUGE confidence-builder, to have them be successful from moment one.

Thought I’d share our line-up with you.  So far, it’s all from one site.  We start with cartoons from basic circles (Tsum-Tsum), then basic squares (Mini-Kawaii), and move into basic kawaii.  So far.  Anyhow, here’s how we’ve progressed:

01- Disney’s Genie from ‘Aladdin’
02- Marvel’s Iron Man
03- Cute Puppy/Disney’s Pluto
04- Mike Wakowski from ‘Monsters Inc.’
05- Marvel’s ‘The Incredible Hulk’
06- Disney’s Tigger
07- Disney’s Eyeore

08- Hello Kitty
09- Om-Nom, from ‘Cut the Rope’

10- Baby Hamster from a square
11- Baby Bunny from a square
12- Baby Dinosaur from a square
13- Baby Penguin from a square
14- Black Kitten
15- Spiderman
16- Baby Dragon
17 – Harley Quinn
18 – Little Bat
19 – Batman’s sidekick, Robin
20 – Cute Pumpkin
21 – Changing Kawaii positions
22  – The Three Bears

23 – Garfield’s dog, Odie
24 – Simple Daisy
25 – Drawing from the number ‘3’
26 – Drawing from the letter ‘A’
27 – Drawing from the letter ‘D’
28 – Drawing from the letter ‘E’

Anyhow, that takes us through the first month and a half (ish) of cartooning lessons, and maybe will be useful to someone else.  I can add more, if there’s any interest.  Otherwise, I’ll just continue doing stuff for our own sake… because after that comes drawing Chibi, and then Manga.

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