´¯`•. November 06, 2016

PatchWork Sunday

MONDAY.   I read the entire blog of a British family who decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT, from Mexico to Canada) in five months… with a 10 yo boy and 12 yo girl.  It was cute.  I also finished costumes up.  Being Halloween, we didn’t have school (schooling year-round means we can take a few more breaks!).  Brian came home at 4pm, and we got gussied up… and then we were on the go!

CAVEMEN!!!  The kids absolutely loved their costumes, this year.  They so got into character with it, too.  They remember ‘Horrible Histories’ caveman episode, so I heard a lot of “BUT NO SHREW….!!!!” coming from them, LoL!!  The funniest was when I had to stop at Save-a-Lot while we were in town. All of us, lurching thru the store, half of ’em grunting, people staring and busting up laughing, then I’m leading, motioning them along, peering down aisles until I find the right one, and pointing wildly at the plates, then the kids snatching them from the shelf and clutching them close as they sniff the air and lurch to the registers…  Just fun!

TUESDAY.  Happy 9th Birthday to my Aaron!  We don’t school on birthdays, either, so this was going to be a half-week.  I did decide that we’d do our ‘Story of the World’ project, though – just because it’s fun and we had the time.  Keeping with the caveman theme, Aaron asked to rend ‘The Croods’ to watch, and we of course had cake.  Fun day!

HANUKKAH’S A’COMIN’!!  November 1st came upon us like a blast of frantic wind.  It’s now four weeks to Hanukkah, which – by our reckoning – lands ON Thanksgiving, this year.  I’m already collecting all the food boxes from pre-packaged stuff to wrap presents in.  But it means very soon I’m going to need to figure out what we’re buying, and how much we’re spending!  Wish lists were due November 1st, and that just gets them excited.  I have some ideas, already (bookmarked them ages ago)… we’ll see what happens.

BUSY MONTH.  I started out the month by getting our tickets to both the symphony and a historical play for the kids.  (Both deals too good to pass up.  For groups of 6+, the symphony was $25/group.  And the historical play includes admission to the Gerald R. Ford presidential museum, which we haven’t really explored since it’s renovations.  We’re also going to an a capella concert at a cathedral downtown (I’ve wanted to get inside of a few, so this is good), and we’re going to attempt a field trip with the regional group… and maybe even make it to our monthly homeschool meeting (<< Missed September, and October was on snakes, so…. mmmmno.).  Plus I’m thinking a color tour trip, and of course I’m kind of obligated to the local homeschool meeting – but this is my last one...!

CRAFTING CREATIVITY.  Last month, Lydia’s BFF and her family did a craft show.  I’d always dabbled with the idea of doing a craft show… it’s come up between Brian and I more than once.  He does his fan-carved birds, of course, and I’ve had ideas that have sat on the cob-webby shelves in the back of my mind, not yet having come to fruition.  But now the kids are getting older, and they might like brainstorming some ideas, and making things to sell, too.  Brian has started teaching Isaac to use the tools in the barn – they built separators and drawers for the cubbies in our new camper, and I’ve got lots of other plans for them to do up – a great woodworking project for Ethan and Isaac.  So we’re seriously considering doing a craft show, next year.  It’ll take a year to do up enough product to display/sell… but it might be fun.  Lydia’s already excited about the idea.

WEDNESDAY.  Whoops, got sidetracked.  Wednesday was back to school, and I started reading thru a new blog: “New Life on the Road” (start here).  I stopped reading it, because I had some severe issues with parenting decisions, there.  We also found out that Brian’s uncle had a heart attack.  They put two stints in his heart, and Thursday another.  We rarely see him (five times in the past ten years, if that?)… but when Brian was young, this guy was his friend, of sorts.  So it hit home for him.

THE EYEBALL EPISODE.  We didn’t get to swim, Wednesday night.  On the way to the pool, a very odd thing happened – my contact slid out of place and wouldn’t move.  Now, I’ve been wearing contact lenses since I was 13 – they slip out of place every once in a while, but usually I just push ’em around back to where they’re supposed to be.  I don’t know why my eye was so dry, but that sucker was NOT going to move… and the more I tried to ‘fix’ it, the more I was irritating my eye.  We got to the locker room, and I tried water in my eye, but it was just inflamed and painful and very, very stuck.  We ended up having to go home, and I was concerned about having to go to Urgent Care, but the wetting solution at home got it free, for me.  But there were a ton of little blood vessels burst in the process, and chlorine would’ve KILLED that… and besides, it was too late, by then.  So… yeah, that sucked.   Lydia said, “Apparently Yehovah didn’t want us to swim?”  That’s fine.  But next time?  Maybe Ha’Shem could just stall my car, instead of whacking up my eye?  Yikes.

THURSDAY.  It was a bad health week or so, apparently.  Brian had a charlie horse in his leg in the night, and the muscles seized up so badly, he couldn’t hardly walk on the leg.  This was a week ago – and he’s put sports cream on it, and did ‘deep muscle massages’ (<< which is funny, because he’s doing this whole soft-curse-tirade thing the whole time: “OOooooh-eeeeeee—-owwwwww, Mammmmaaaa… Dadddeeee.… HHHHHhhuuuurrrrts… Zowwwwwwie… ARRRRGHHHH…. BLARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!”  The kids were cracking up.  And the facial expressions..!!!  Anyhow, it seemed to be getting a little better, and then it seized up again Thursday.  Not good.

TOWN ADVENTURE.  So because of his sore leg, we didn’t go away on the adventure I’d hoped to take.  Instead, we went downtown for a mini-adventure.  I’ll post about it, tomorrow… but it included Downtown Market, the Fish Ladder, and the oldest, longest metal bridge in Michigan.  I’ll even post pictures.

BIG WORK CHANGES.  Brian’s employer bought another company.  They’re going to absorb two or three employees, move over two machines, take over the customers, and sell the rest off.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s HUGE, because two more machines to be manned means they’ll move my cousin Steve to day shift.  Which he really wants/needs.  Probably the first of the year, after all the transferring of business and contacts and machines is put into place.  But Brian’s pretty excited about it.  (Steve will be, once it happens.  Right now whenever I ask how Steve’s doing, Brian says, “Overwhelmed”.  His wife is… let’s just say that it can make or break your life, the partner you choose.)

FRIDAY.  On this day was a field trip with the ‘mother’ group over the Qwmaaaa/Quest group.  I thought we should go, because a) I needed to know if we could continue with the mother group after having parted on bad terms with Quest, b) I needed to participate to be a member, and c) it was a walk, which mean Tracy wouldn’t be there, and with it on the other side of the city from Cherie, I doubted she’d be there, either.  Win-win, for us.  Anyhow, it went pretty well – I met two ladies (because only two other families attended the event – one of them an admin).  We went for a pretty-but-soggy hike, and the kids… well, it’s socialization, right?  That’s supposedly a good thing.  Nevermind that it traumatizes me to have to talk to people, every time.  I’m just far too introverted, anymore, to manage anything but stilted conversation.  It’s kind of just that way, now.

FOTO FOLDERS?  Have run into a problem, scrapbooking.  We do too much, and our travel adventures… I just don’t want to squish the pictures up into half-sized photos in a book, so tiny that you can’t see them.  But they take just too much room!  So I’ve put it to Brian that maybe I should do a separate ‘album’ for our travel adventures.  Plastic three-ring folders to put between the albums.  I just… something needs to give.  It’s the best alternative I can think, at this point.  We’ll see…!

SATURDAY.   I got up and read another [entire] travel blog.  Then got moving on packing the camper and getting everything ready for our big adventure.  Which…  will also be blogged about soon.  But it’s SUNDAY night, and I’m absolutely wiped… so another day, hm?

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  1. alidansma

     /  November 7, 2016

    Magnesium helps charlie horses – my dad used to get them so bad – I bought him magnesium spray for his legs. Seems to work.


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