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Sunday Patchwork Blog

Hello, again!  I started this in the morning, but have no intention of finishing it until after dark, so we have to forego the ‘G’morning’ thing.   It’s just that there’s a lot to talk about, and in between I’m busy.  We’re busy.  We’re always busy, have you noticed this?  I love it – a full, rich life…

Scrapbook Crisis!!!  … but I just discovered yesterday that I’m FIVE ALBUMS behind in labeling/decorating scrapbooks.  That’s… horrific.  I’m not even sure how that happened!!  It’s going to become priority… after Fall Clean-up and Hannukah and…  Yeah, I think I just figured out how that happened.

MONDAY!  I don’t really remember much about Monday.  School.  Dance class, so we went out to eat, somewhere.  I don’t remember where.  Burger King!  Nothing special.  I always feel like I talk too loud in the lobby at dance.  Wish I didn’t talk at all.  Probably would be better if I didn’t.  Next week will be our first time going to supper with MORE people than just BFF/daughter.  I… am nervous about it.  We’ll be eating with Nancy (from my tap class this past spring) and her son Nicholas (who’s in Lydia’s current class).  So I know them, but…  peoples.  I don’t do so well with peoples.

Talk about Trump.  Can I be honest and say I don’t want to talk about politics with ANYONE, anymore?!?!  Homigoodness, people.  You had your say at the booths.  Enough, already!!  Leave me alone.  I swear, there are more whiny, sniveling, temper-tantrum-throwing people in my FB feed.  I mistakenly thought it’d be okay to re-follow people I had to un-follow half a year ago.  Boy, was I wrong!  It’s not so fun, out there.

TUESDAY…  I took the kids with me to vote – it was a ‘field trip’, hehehe.  We watched the results come in during our school video session, that night, but didn’t know until I was up at 3am for a potty break that people chose Trump over Clinton.  (I was up because we all got colds, this week, starting with Ethan.  I think we contracted uglies from the Indiana Dunes bathrooms.  They were vile breeding grounds for uglies, just sayin’.)

WEDNESDAY.  I got pictures developed, last week, and this week Lydia helped me put them in order.  It’s a HUGE job, because the photo place spits them all out in a big mixed-up mess.  Thank goodness for helper kids, that’s all I’m sayin’.  We did school readings, and took lots of D3, orange juice, and Nyquil. (<< Dayquil for me. Nyquil makes me loopy for 24 hours, after… and I can’t stand it when my skin crawls from it.)

Trailer Talk.  Wednesday we had some people come over to look at the Sunflower Trailer.  We listed it about three weeks ago on Craiglist, and got at least three dozen queries about it.  But people are stOopid, you know this?  They forget what they’re looking for/at, they want to come but don’t know their schedule from a hole in the ground, they can’t figure out what they want, they don’t show, they are interested, but will you take HALF of what you’re asking….?!   Anyhow, these people came, fell in love with it, and decided to buy it.  Yay!!  So that’s one camper out of the yard, and $1000 to put towards Brian’s truck loan.  I’m happy… but kind of nostalgic.  I hate to see it go, y’know?  I loved the trailer.  We just… outgrew it.  And it was getting older and we didn’t want to put time and money into fixing it up.  These people like vintage and do – so that’s good.

THURSDAY  was the local homeschool group’s monthly meeting.  I was on drink duty – which is my way of ‘earning’ the right to participate.  I brought lots of cider and chai tea and insulated cups and… It was actually kind of funny.  The topic was ‘making white space on your calendar’ so that the family could be home together.  And all these women were sitting there – NOT with their family, NOT having white space.  If the leader were smart, she would’ve sent the chicks home to HAVE white space time with their families, all together.  But no.  So I left.  I’m very much about white space – the more the better.  Speaking of which… (<< Exit.  Stage left!)

FRIDAY.  This was our ‘away’ day – we started out by going to get ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ on DVD from the library, because we finished reading it this week!!!  So excited to see the movie!  I made our sketch topic ‘a scene from the book’.  ((<<  Eerily, the Radley place I sketched looked almost exactly like the one in the movie, and I haven’t seen it since I was a little girl and didn’t remember anything.))  We finished our ‘Leave No Trace’ badge by hiking the Sassafrass trail for the last time… it was so covered in leaves we couldn’t tell where the trail was, hardly!

My Friend Barb.  I had a hold at *our* library, and so I thought I’d go see if it was still open.  I thought maybe until 5pm, but on a Friday, who knew.  I got there, went up to the door, and it said they closed at 2:30.  (<< It’s a stOopid library.)  So back at the car, the kids tell me that Barb the Librarian is waving from the door.  I said, “What are you still doing here?!?!”  She said, “Come on in!”  I said, “You closed two and a half hours ago.  Don’t you have a life?”  She laughed and said, “It’s okay, you just have one hold, right?”  I said, “You’re CLOSED!!!”  She said, “My computer’s still up,  c’mon!”  And I went in and… well, y’know how I said I mostly DON’T click with anyone, ever?  Just my BFF Ramona and I clicked with Cherie at Qwmaaa (before… nevermind.)?  Well, I *really* click with Barb the librarian.  We joke and tease and laugh and… it’s kind of fun.  My kids get a kick out of watching me with people that *click*.  It’s rare, but it’s awesome when it happens.

Brisket N’ Biscuits.  I wanted to see if I could make brisket the way Slow’s made brisket.  Because it was awesome, but not $20/lb awesome, y’know?  So I got this recipe for crock-pot brisket that has to slow cook for 12 hours, and thought I’d try it.  While we were out, I went to the grocery store, but… is ‘brisket’ even a cut?!?!  If it is, they didn’t have it.  But they had London Broil on clearance for half price, so I bought five pounds of that, and figured if I cooked it slow enough, it’d be as fall-apart tender as ‘brisket.  It wasn’t.  I don’t think I like London Broil (<< whatever that is).  It was not good stuff.  The flavor was good, but… not so much the meat.  But I also found a no-yeast roll recipe, and those turned out FANTASTIC for Shabbat!

We loved the Gregory Peck movie, but the book,
‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ was SO much better than the movie.

SATURDAY.  Saturday I got up early, and – with the trailer gone – now I can focus on the leaves in the yard.  We live IN a hardwood forest… so when fall hits, we get buried.  Literally.  So we got outside and raked the back, and those who didn’t have rakes picked up toys and stacked chairs and wound hoses and took toys to the cellar door.  We did the whole back, the drive, around the front of the house, cleaned the play-yard and both decks.  Then Brian got home, and he winterized the new(er) trailer, while I mowed/mulched the leaves into big piles.  Then I loaded wheelbarrows while the kids ran them back and forth, taking leaves into the woods.  Homigoodness, the muscles in the backs of my legs really PULLED at the end of the night!  Then I mowed the rest of what was there (and the grass), and started on another part of the lawn.  It looks GOOD, now!  But man… we went for ice creams as a reward, and then soaked in the hot tub, after!!

Present Prep.   Hanukkah is just TWO WEEKS away.  How did it come so fast!?!   I hadn’t realized… so we sat down and started ordering and figuring out what to do.  I got six of the eight nights taken care of, and need to do just a little more, but I think we’ve got it figured out.  The silly thing?  The kids wanted to make Pinewood Derby cars.  I was planning on going to Hobby Lobby sometime this week, but then Sunday (today!) we were shopping at the hardware, and guess what was on the clearance rack?  The cars, the decals, the extras… so we let them pick their own (along with a can of spray paint for their cars), and I’ll wrap them for Hanukkah.  They LOVED getting to pick out their own stickers and everything.  And it was all half priced!!!

SUNDAY.  Another big work day – this time we raked Critter Corner, make mouse traps for the camper and basement, got everything taken downstairs for the winter, and cleaned the boat.  It was a MESS – it’s not passable, yet, but it’ll be okay for the winter (until we can work on it in the spring).  Then a MAJOR overhaul of our room – I gave Lydia a whole bunch of my clothing that I’ll never fit in, again.  It looks SO good on her…!  She was thrilled.  Then we all took showers, got cleaned and gussied up, and met my BFF and her daughter downtown at St. Andrews for an arts chorale concert at a beautiful cathedral.  It was really amazing – the acoustics and the harmonies.  Lovely… so lovely.  I fell in love with a song – ‘Northern Lights’.  You can hear it here.  Now imagine it with the echoing acoustics of a cathedral.  Breathtaking…!

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  1. Brisket is… well brisket (from the chest). The problem is it’s hard to find unless you go to a Jewish deli/butcher or some sort of butcher or more high-end grocer, though I have found it at Whole Foods. London Broil is more like a top round (from the butt), different part of the cow, will be tougher and is more prone to be turned into steak or tougher piece of meat but is great in the oven. You could get close with a cheaper cut of chuck roll, but that can be fussy with the marbling. 😛

    • Yeah, the chuck roast is what I usually do for roast beef. The tough meat really made it not s’good. Lesson learned!


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