´¯`•. November 16, 2016

Aviation Timeline!

A few weeks ago, I stated that I really wanted to get two timelines done by Hanukkah:  Robotics and Aviation.  The Robotics one is up, and today, I finish that goal with the Aviation timeline!  (((Cheer!))))

I used three main sources for my timeline:  An aviation timeline .pdf (found here, VERY hard to read!), the study notes timeline from the play we went to see on Tuesday (also a .pdf, found here – it’s on page 8), and a YouTube video that we found three years ago, and LOVED… and here it is, for your enjoyment:

But as I said the other day… there is a problem that I’ve run into.  Some inventions lend themselves to other timelines.  Computers, for example – they’re part of the automotive industry, space industry, robotics industry, audio, and video industries.  I’ve done timelines on all of these, AND computers… so it gets tricky.  Flight technology lends itself to space technology.  And you’ll find space heavily featured in some of the sources I shared.

For the record, this timeline collection I’ve put together for our Book of Centuries does not include space exploration technology.  I believe that’s a whole ‘nother critter… after all, we’re still making aviation advancements here on Earth at the same time as… wait, Obama dismantled the Space program… so at the same time as we’re stagnant in Space tech (aka hitching rides with Soviets and Chinese).  Pitiful, but I just digressed, didn’t I?  Sorry!!!!

Anyhow, here’s my AVIATION TIMELINE, in case anyone else would like the timeline pictures for their books.  Oh, and as usual, I took it further than the sources I’ve found… as far as I could.  And we definitely learned some things from this timeline, too!  And as always, it’s free for anyone to use – we moms have to stick together, and reduce the work load for each other, right?


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