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Well, hello there.  Whew!  I’m back, after a long week of putting up Hanukkah posts.  Honestly, though?  I need the review, the reminder of all the things related to the holiday to refresh my mind.  I wasn’t raised celebrating feasts, and every year it’s a little ‘odd’ to me, regardless of how much time goes by.  It’s partially because X-mess is still SO prevalent around us, y’know?

Been Busy!  There’s so much to catch ‘you’ up on, that has happened in the interim!  You must know by now that I don’t sit still all of the time… all things in moderation, dahling.  Anyhow, I don’t know how I’m going to do eight days in one post, but I suppose some effort should be made.  Actually, I have been considering getting another pen-pal.  Odd as it is, I’m happier when I have someone to ‘talk’ to.  This blog is… well, a lot of news and crafts and adventure trips and homeschool stuff… but not so much me.  And I don’t have time/space to put both personal and informational up, here.  Let’s be honest.  I just… have to find the right person.  No easy task, considering what a strange human I apparently am.

Quidditch!  We started off our holidays with yet another sojourn to Hogwarts… this time to play Quidditch.  It… was by far THE best library event we’ve been to, this year.  The kids had a blast!  I’ll have to do a whole picture post on this, because it was done amazingly well.  My kids were absolutely breathless and beat by the time they were done playing two games… and my Aaron got to be Seeker – and he found the Golden Snitch!

Hanukkah Feast!   While other people were having Thanksgiving their displaced-and-paganized-Sukkot-per-Lincoln dinner, we were having our Hanukkah feast on the same day.  Yehovah planned it out SO well, this year – Brian had the day off for it!  We spent a lazy day at home, cooking and baking and making the house festive to the nth!  It was good food, too.

Side and Not-So-Side Work.  My guy was given a ‘hot’ job to do out in our barn, over the holidays, due this coming Friday morning.  Thirty two pieces of metal to cut… but luckily each side of each one could run for about 45 minutes, so he’d set the machine up and then come in and hang with us.  It meant sticking close to home, a lot, but that’s okay.  We had a lot to do, here!  He also worked Friday at his regular job… so it wasn’t exactly a four-day weekend, but we were fine with that.

Pinewood Project!   One of our Hanukkah presents to the kids were Pinewood Derby cars.  We actually let them shop with us – pick out their body style, decals, paint colors… so the kids have spent some time working with Brian on their cars.  They’ve also took the boxes we wrapped everything in, and turned them into their own ‘garages’, for their cars.  They’re really intricate – with sidewalks and bushes and shelves in the garages.  LoL!!

Exceptional Rule.  While they were working on that, I was working on making a ‘ruler’.  Brian has always marked the kids’ growth on a doorframe… both at the old house, and this one.  I hate it.  What happens if we move, like last time?  We don’t have those marks, anymore.  But my ex-hiking buddy from a few years ago made this ‘ruler’ to take with her (she moves every two years), and I thought it was SO kewl.  Then two weeks ago, I found a site that shows how to make one… so I bought a board, and while the kids and Brian were sanding/painting their cars, I set to work on my ‘ruler’.   The kids took turns helping me… and it turned out gorgeous.  I’m tempted to go to our old house and ask if we could get the numbers from the doorjamb.  From the way the house looks, my bet is that they haven’t painted over them.  Think they might let us get them?!  I figure it’s worth trying/asking!

Smallville!  We started a new TV series (I think I mentioned that?)… and made it all the way through Season One and half of Season Two.  We’ve indulged (because of school vacation) and let the kids stay up, late.  Each episode was the length of Brian cutting a part in the barn, so that worked, well – we’d watch one, then he’d go out and load up another part!  We also took dips in the hot tub, played games, and did some reading, between.  It’s been nice.  Except the copy of Season Two that we’ve got… someone de-magnitized the last few disks, so we’re going to end up having to BUY the season on e-Bay.  $8 with free shipping is cheaper than $1.99/episode on YouTube… and I don’t have the bandwidth to stream, anyhow.  I *miss* VHS.  Just sayin.

Also have to add… Season Two, episode ‘Dichotic’… we were nearly done, and they played music… and I thought, ‘That sounds like A-Ha…  wait, that *IS* A-Ha.’  My kids were like… ‘No…‘  Well, I looked it up, and it WAS A-Ha!  I can pick my group out, anywhere.  Besides… that just goes to show.  I have timeless taste.  Thirty years later, and they’re still playin’ my band on shows!!  ((Insert massive grin here))

Bras N’ Britches I.  My bras were falling apart.  (Might’ve mentioned this before)  They’re as old as Isaac [13], and have fabric worn thru, hooks missing… and they’re size 36C (mid-two-babies-while-nursing, pre-six babies), stretched to heaven-knows-what-size.  I’ve desperately needed bras, but I… don’t buy for myself, often.  So I’ve made do for a long time, but… they’re losing it, fast.  So he took me to WalMart, and I tried a bunch on, and found out that I’m back down to a ‘B’ cup (<<< THANK GOODNESS!), but apparently my innards got shoved UP to make room for babies, and my ribcage got stretched out?!  Is that even right?!?!?!!?

Anyhow, WalMart bras are horrific.  They’re like padded *armor*.  So thick, I’m like a ‘D’ after putting one on!  Look at that >>> that poor girls is smaller than the bra!!!  I HATED them.  But then we were at Meijer getting new pillows… and they had bras 50% off.  So I made the kids sit outside the dressing room, and found two that I can tolerate.  The straps are stupid, nowadays, too – they’re like three inches wide!  They SHOW, hello!!!  Who’s ridiculous designing is that!?  The lady at the check-out said, “Did you find everything you wanted?”  I said, “I got what I needed, but man, they make bras awful, these days…!”  She said, “We ALL hate them, honey.  What can you do?”  ((((O_o))))

Bras N’ Britches II.  Now I have to tell you… I not only had dying bras, I also have no britches.  I have leftover maternity pants, and since having Owen [6], I’ve worn Brian’s cast-off jeans.  He had two pair he didn’t like, and I fit them after I was done baby-making (yes, my legs are as long as my 6’1 husband’s).  But can I just say that men’s relaxed fit jeans aren’t flattering to a lady’s shape?  I look okay in them… better than those low-rise, muffin-top, boot-cut nightmares they’ve made for women the past decade.  But I haven’t felt pretty in a very, very long time.  And next to the bras were skinny jeans… buy one, get one 50%.    SKINNY jeans!!  I was so excited.  Naturally, they didn’t have my size in the jean-colored ones, just in beige and black.  But they looked/felt SO nice.  And I have missed my eighties tight jeans, may I just say that?  So… I splurged.  Bras n’ Britches are my Hanukkah present, this year.  And the britches have fleece on the inside… they are SO soft and comfortable!  I’m almost feminine, these days…!!!

Field Trip Time.  Monday Brian had taken off to go on a field trip with us.  A lady from one of the groups I fringe on-line had a non-official trip to offer up (it wasn’t part of the group’s line-up).  She invited anyone who wanted to go to come with her to Lansing to see the Capital City Ballet’s rendition of ‘The Nutcracker’.  This time a FULL production, unlike when we went to Grand Rapids Ballet’s showing of their version… and they only did half of the show for $5/tix.  This was also $5/each, so the price was really good.  Besides, we figured while we were in Lansing, we could tour the Michigan History Museum (<< we ran out of time on our last trip, to the Capitol).  I need to do an adventure post for each of these, too.  Because the museum was SO. AWESOME!  It needs it’s own post, too.

Destructive Anna.  Homigosh, I’m so embarrassed to admit it, but… I hit Brian’s truck.  See, we were cleaning out the boat, a little.  It’s been stored in Grandpa’s barn, and a possum made a home in it.  SO. NASTY.  We won’t be bringing it back there, again.  So we were airing everything out and trying to let it dry, in the driveway… and it was parked where Brian’s truck normally is.  And his truck was parked behind it.  And I didn’t even THINK about it… there’s never anything back there.  And I took off his mirror.  And felt SO BADLY ABOUT IT…!!!!  Homigoodness, it was awful.  Hate even admitting my stupidity.

Movie Making.  Lydia and I have been working on editing videos on my PC.  I have dance recital clips from as far back as 2009 that we’ve never put on a disk, so we made ‘recital’ videos, with pictures and fade-ins and titles… it’s really nice!  In doing so, we actually got rid of 8gig of stuff from my PC, too – apparently my camera was set too high, and the video quality was HUGE.  So that’s been a BIG Hanukkah project that we’ve been working on!

Anyhoo….  I’m missing a lot.  It feels like I’m missing a lot.  I didn’t talk about Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.  I didn’t talk about the Ohio car/knife attack.  I didn’t say anything about Brownie & Pearl.   I didn’t blog about my cousin ‘friending’ me, or Lydia’s upcoming recital or… lots of stuff.  There are other things that I’m also itching to talk about, but… can I just say that there’s a lot it feels like I shouldn’t write about?  This is why I’m re-considering a correspondence friend.  I don’t know… or maybe I need to do a private post?  Will give it some thought.

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