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Volume II:  Chapter 12
~~~~ Jihad comes to Europe ~~~~

We’re back to Islam, again.  It moved from the Middle East down into Egypt, then across the top of Africa, until it came to Gibraltar, and wanted to cross into Spain.  This chapter is the legend of that fateful crossing.

Apparently the warring kingdom-states of Spain were trying to conquer each other, and a particularly stupid ruler thought that he’d recruit the Islamic barbarians from North Africa to come over and defeat his enemies for him.  Instead, (you guessed it), they came and defeated his enemies AND him, and took Spain for themselves.  And brought their mosques, ornate architecture, and culture with them.

By the way, ‘Gibraltar’ is Jabal Ṭāriq (جبل طارق), meaning “Mountain of Tariq”. It was named after the general Tariq ibn-Ziyad who led the Islamic forces in 711AD.

Being that we reached this chapter just before Hanukkah, and all of the crafts that I’d done searches for on-line led me to the same kind of thing, we decided to make ‘ornamentation’ for our presents in the form of decorations for our gifts.

photo credit: RamadanJoy.com

ANYHOO…!  The craft we’re doing is called ‘Star Weaving’, and I have a couple of posts with tutorials on how to do it for you:

Forgive me for grinning, but I find it amusing that one of the sites is Muslim and the other Jewish.  But anyhow, we saved pizza boxes, traced cups to put circles on them, and cut the circles out.


Marking sixteen equal distances, we notched the circles.  It’s easy for the kids to do – mark the circle top, bottom, left and right.  Then mark in the middle of each mark.  Then mark one more time, in the middle of each mark.  Voila!   But BE SURE that your notches are fairly deep when you cut them – you’ll need the space in them to wind the yarn into!  Then I brought out my yarn basket:

We played around with the yarn in order to get different patterns
– and some of them turned out fantastic.


Anyhow, everyone had a good time stringing yarn
and messing around with it… so this was a winner of a project!

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