´¯`•. December 04, 2016

Hanukkah in Pictures

I know I usually do Patchworks on Sundays, but I just did one, and so I thought I would do a pictoral review of the holiday week, instead, this time!


Hanukkah begins with decorations, and of course the LIGHT!  This is our first year of having the big menorah, as we didn’t finish it until the last day of the feast, last year.  We just twist in a light, every night.  And of course I showed our other (six? seven?) menorahs.  Everyone gets to ‘light’ something, at our house!


Eight nights of gifts.  We still take the kids to the ‘Dollar Tree’ store, where everything’s a dollar, and give them $7.  They go shopping all by themselves, and get something for everyone in the family.  They hide away, and each pick out a wrapping paper of their own, to wrap their gifts with.  It’s just little fun stuff, but they love it.  In fact, these crazy kids like giving their gifts more than getting presents!  (Okay, maybe not on Grand Finale night, but still.)


Hanukkah feast!  We put together quite a spread, and had a wonderful time just inhaling all of the scents as we baked and cooked.  We did do turkey, because I bought it late, and it was sale priced down to only $6 for the bird.  It was a smaller one, but it was really good, nonetheless.


Among presents given this year were pocket sketch-books, LED magnifiers, Folkmanis puppets, books, sleeping bags, puzzles, games, and LEGO sets (although Isaac’s never came.  He was good about it… I’m still working on it, because it was grand finale, and $40 bucks lost in the mail doesn’t make me happy, hello…!)  I’d accidentally bought one extra gift, though – so he got that.  And Brian’s watch this year was made of wood.  SO different, so crazy!!


Latkes!  And our traditional fry-night, and Dreidle, and ‘The Lights’ VHS.
All of the things that make the evenings special.


After the kids go to bed, gelt candy goes in their cups.  They wake up the next morning, and find special, crazy candies set aside for them.  It’s better than a one-time stocking, by far!


Working on Pinewood Derby cars with Dad.  This Hanukkah gave us more time home together than any other.  And I loved that about it.

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