´¯`•. December 11, 2016


G’Morn… Is it still morning?  Apparently so.  I don’t really keep track so well on the weekends.  Besides, by the time this is posted, it like ly won’t be morning anymore.  It’s weird, this weekend, nd the snow has nothing to do with it.

SNOW!!!   We got snow!!  It started Thursday night, and is STILL coming down steadily!  Brian says from the looks of the picnic table, we’ve got about eight inches, here.  I love it!  The kids love it.  In anticipation, last Sunday we pulled up the snow-stuff bins, and made sure that everyone had boots, snow pants, coats, and gloves that fit.  It’s always a total disaster, what with seven of us, and how fast they grow, and how we need both ‘town’ and ‘critter’ coats/boots.  But we’re all sorted out, and nothing needed to be bought, so that’s good!


Monday, Monday.  We had dance class, and because BFF wasn’t available for dinner, my gang came in, and we ate together.  It was a little different, but I like it better when we eat as a family.  Actually, I wanted to take them to the ‘Great White Fish Chicken’ (<< BEST. CHICKEN. EVER.), but who knew they were closed on Mondays?  BOTH locations?  So we ended up at Taco Bell.  And BFF gave me a ‘Matrix’ puzzle for X-mess (LOVE it!!) and bought a bunch of jeans at a hand-me-down sale for the boys @ 10¢ each!  That’s amazing.  While she was MIA, I used the time to learn my numbers in Morse.  It was funny – Nancy came in, and I was growling at my stupidity – kept getting the pattern inverted – and she said, “WHAT are you DOING?!?!?”  I said, “Learning my Morse Code numbers.  I can’t ask the kids to do things I can’t do, you know.”  She shook her head and said, “Nope.  I’m too old to learn, anymore.  My kids are on their own.”  HOW can people do that?  You’re never too old to learn!  (<< And I got my Morse numbers down, to prove it!)

Tuesday Terrors.  Tuesday, weirdness happened.  First, I thought someone was trying to break into the house at 6am (directly after Brian left).  Turns out he came back, but didn’t come in?  R’something?  I don’t know, but it freaked me out to hear him pull out, and a little while later, another vehicle pull in.  Then, of course, I was up for the day.  And I was in the other room, booting up the PC, and I heard a woman’s voice in the mudroom!  Freaked, I went out there, and my phone was on… apparently it just decided to call BFF by itself at 6am?  Okay, now that’s just strange.  I turned it off, quick, hoping it wouldn’t wake her, but it apparently did… because she texted later and was worried about me (<I don’t call during normal hours, let alone at 6am!).  As I was pulling up her message?  The phone dialed her AGAIN!!  I had to reset the stupid thing.  It was possessed!!!

PenPal Problems.  I’ve gone thru two pen-pals, this week, already.  The first wasn’t going to work – he wanted to GET mail, not send mail.  Most people are like that.  The second… we’re still writing, but he’s smarmy.  He claims to be a ‘southern gentleman’, but I’m not terribly comfortable.  In fact, finding a pen-pal is horrific business, I’ll have you know.  Most people have no follow-thru.  Of those who actually write, half think sending text messages via e-mail on their phones is e-mailing.  !?!?  I don’t know… I’m actually going back into that funk where I close up the blog, again.  It’s kind of a lot, putting ALL of me out there, everyday, don’t you think?

GOOD News!  That big job that he’d done over Thanksgiving?  He had priced it out for the man he was working for… but then we got a text on Tuesday that we’d severely underquoted it, and he was correcting our error.  So we’re getting DOUBLE what he’d thought we would for the job.  Talk about blessed!!!  I was nervous, because of Hannukah gifts and some big things we need (fixing his truck after I hit it, getting a cover for the trailer).  So this is amazing!!

Happy Birthday!!!  On the 7th (Wednesday) of December, 5777 , my youngest turned 7!!  And technically, if Lydia was a twin like my OB/GYN said, and I lost Rachel, he’s also the 7th child.  That’s me and numbers, though.  Anyhow, he had a GREAT day – we had cake, we had spaghetti & meatballs (< His choice), and we watched ‘Home’ (< also his choice, but my favorite!)  I can’t believe he’s so big, already!  He now gets to have a smidgen of wine at Communion, and drink out of fancy goblets at Shabbat.  That’s our seven thing (along with baptism, although he did it early – on Shavuot – this year).   Went to the library for books while getting cake.  It was fun.

Project Plans.  There is an unsightly pipe running through our house in an odd and irritating place.  It’s annoyed me for YEARS.  It’s not pretty.  It’s BIG.  And I was standing back, looking at it, this week.  Brian came and stood behind me… and said, “Whaaaat are you doing…?”  So I told him I have a plan to hide that pipe, and explained it.  He said, “Um… I can’t picture that.”  So I got out paper and drew a 3D of what I wanted to do.  It would mean moving E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  – including the piano.  It would totally change the house.  BUT…!  It would be pretty easy, fairly inexpensive, and it would look fantastic, if we did it.  He said he’s on board.  But I think we’ll wait until after New Year’s before we start it.

Paring Down.  Thursday and Friday, we stayed home… but I’ve had a hankering to get this place under control – we are packed in here like cordwood, and frankly the renovation project scares me, because I can’t lose a single inch of space, the way things stand.  So Thursday, I told the kids I needed them to help me move the table and chair out of the dining room.  They FR-eaked out, but then it was fun, because things are in odd places, making forts and such… they were having a ball.  Meanwhile, I condensed two bookshelves and a cabinet down to get rid of one of the bookshelves!  Yay!  But there’s still more that can be done, I know it.  I just have to GET to it.  You wouldn’t want to see my to-do list!!

Sleigh Ride!  Then Saturday I’d gotten tickets to hear an orchestra’s winter concert at Calvin College.  It was cute.  Entitled, ‘Sleigh Ride to Toyland’, it had elves and Santa and a little girl with her dad reading her stories, and pictures flashing on the big screen, and then sing-alongs and game.  Not as good as the alumni symphony we heard two years ago, there, but it was geared for kids and was cute.  Then we went for Mexican – it’s been forever!! – and it was SOOO good!


Caught up!  Today we’re puttering, again.  The kids are using shovels to knock icicles down from the house, and Brian’s out putting the snowblower on the tractor, and doing the driveway.  The snow is coming down, and I’m researching our next ‘Story of the World’ project.  It’s always something, you know.  I also have to print out the next batch of badges we’ve earned… so there’s that.  I’m also still working on BFF’s present.  I don’t think it’ll be done in time for recital, but I’m trying.  We’ll see.

Closing Paragraph.  But that’s about it, for this week.  It’s been low key busy, instead of high intensity busy, and that’s always nice.  We’ve watched a metric CR-ap ton of ‘Smallvilles’ – we’re halfway thru Season three, now! – and while they’re entertaining, there are SO many plot errors and inconsistencies, even the kids are calling them out.  Eh, it’s just for fun, right?  Anyhow, I don’t know.  This might be the last one of these for a while.  I don’t think anyone really wants to read about my life – and while I want to chronicle, it sometimes feels like I put too much out there.  Time will tell.

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