´¯`•. December 26, 2016

Conversation with a Toledo-an (ite? ian?)

Brian and I stopped in a Walgreens this morning.  We needed Dayquil for reasons likely don’t have to explain (now), as well as for ice (which was for the cooler, walgreenspharmacyindplsbecause the fridge in our hotel room has been out the whole time we were in Ohio).   Since we were heading home later, I also snagged three different types of Twizzlers: Strawberry-Banana, Chocolate, and regular RedVines for us to snack on, and a couple of 20 oz pops.  We were at the register talking to the check-out lady and (me being chatty) the conversation went something like this:

Her:  We need a club for sugar addicts.  This looks like what I buy.
Me:  Well, this isn’t just for me, though.  I have five kids in the car, and we’ve got a three-hour trip to get home… hence the snackies.
Her:  Well, that’s better, split up between the family.  I’d eat it all myself!
Me:  Since I’ve got you here, can I ask you a question?  Say you met some people weren’t from Toledo, and they were visiting for the first time, ever.  What would you recommend to see?  Maybe even just the ONE place that they shouldn’t miss?
Her:  (thinks)  Chick-Fil-A.  I love Chick-Fil-A.
Me:  We, um, actually have Chick-Fil-A in Michigan .  But we’ve been to the Museum of Art, the Botanical Gardens, Wildwood Metropark… We can’t go to Imagination Station, they’re closed…
Her: (brightening)  Oh, Imagination Station!  I haven’t gone, but I heard it’s great!
Me:  We’ve been to Holy Rosary and Old West End, and next up after Pearson Metropark and Libbey Glass Outlet…
Her:  How about the downtown library?
Me:  It’s nice?
Her:  I’ve heard it’s really nice.  My word, you people have been everywhere!!   I’ve never gone to any of these places, and I’ve lived here all my life!!  But Chick-Fil-A.  You’ve GOT to have lunch there, today.
Me:  Thanks for the recommendation, but we got reservations to eat in a trolley at The Spaghetti Station.
Her:  Spaghetti Station!  I’ve heard about that place- it’s supposed to be WONDERFUL!!!

… I walked out wondering at how many people live in a place all of their lives, and have never been to any of the amazing venues in their area.  Isn’t that crazy?  And I hope our conversation gets her out to see some of the local sights… because hers is an astounding town!

Back from the wilds of exotic TOLEDO,
and we’re glad to be home.
Many photo blog entries pending!

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  1. ROFL. If the best she could think of is a fast food chicken place…. and I admit C-F-A is great and all, hubby and I love it to death… but it’s certainly not a place where you’d tell a visitor to go sight-see. I mean.. aren’t they all over the USA now? We keep hoping they’ll expand across the pond (they popped up in London for exactly one day). I’ll admit I don’t know much/heard much about Toledo, except for the Pythian and the Zoo. But you’re right, people don’t get out much and explore the world around them these days.


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