´¯`•. January 09, 2017

Explanation of my Mess(es)

In case you haven’t noticed, the past few weeks, my blog has been a disasterous mess.  I didn’t finish the Toledo posts.  I said I was putting up a 1 Corinthians study and then had problems with it and ended up holding off.  I’m kind of strewn all over everywhere, some of it public that I meant to go protected with, some of it protected (that probably annoys some people).

Quite honestly?  The upheaval of pretty much tearing our house apart and having everything everywhere has done a number on me.  I haven’t known if I was coming or going, half of the time!  And while I’m scrambling on this side of the screen to get on top of things… I’m kind of still playing catch-up.

So I have to take today to tell you that I’m putting things up in back-dated posts to try to get a handle on the disaster that is this blog.  I don’t like blank spots, you see.  Things should be filled in.  Things should be organized.  And even if it takes me a little rearranging and re-dating… I’m going to whip this thing into shape (and then move on to more real-time messes!).

First, Toledo is now finished!!  There are seven posts.  I know… you’ve probably only seen three or four.  But yesterday I added ‘Museum of Art’,  ‘Day Three’ and ‘The Loser Cruiser’, so if you want to read the Toledo posts (or catch those I added and didn’t tell you about), here’s the line-up:

Toledo #1:  Walgreens Lady
Toledo #2:  Trip Itinterary
Toledo #3:  Day One
Toledo #4:  Day Two
Toledo #5:  Day Three
Toledo #6:  Loser Cruiser
Toledo #7:  TMOA

I’m going topost the 1 Corinthians journal post to the 10th and post it’s study to the 11th, depending on what time there is, today.  (Brian had a car wreck yesterday on the way to work, and his truck’s front driver panel is hamburger.  I have to go and get an estimate for him on the damages, sometime today, apparently.)  That should *almost* catch us up.

Also I’ve found a 365-day decluttering challenge that I’m scrambling to catch up with.  My house isn’t dirty or messy or cluttered… We just have SO much stuff.  It’s put away and labeled and organized and we know where it all is, but there’s just SO MUCH of it… something’s gotta give.  I’m trying to purge out some of the excess, this year… and this might help.  Might.  Maybe.

I’m also six books (and eight months of virtual files) behind on scrapbooking.  This. CANNOT. Be.  I have a pile of X-mess cards beside me that never went out… debating if I should still bother with giving them out or not.  (They say ‘Winter Wishes’.  Technically, they still apply.)  Anyhow, there’s that, too.

Oh, and LEGOs.  I’ve boxed up all the LEGOs, as my kids are obsessed with them to the point where they won’t read, anymore.  NOT happening, around here.  If the LEGOs are gone, there’s lots of time for reading, crafts, playing board games, being creative with other mediums… it’s a win-win, IMHO.  I know that a lot of people swear by LEGOs (especially in homeschool circles), but it can be a distraction, and has been… and I think we need a break for a while.  But you’ve NO idea how much there is to find a place for, now…!!!

Yeah.  So I’m a mess.  On all fronts.  And I apologize.  But at least Toledo is finished, and by tomorrow the blog will be in order, again.  Ornaments are down, the parlor is put to rights… and things are going to be a little less overwhelming, this year!

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