´¯`•. January 17, 2017


Hello, Again.  I know it’s been a while since I’ve done an update, and that I haven’t really been writing a ton, here.  I’d offer my apologies, but honestly these things seem to go in ebbs and flows.  And my attention circles around a vast array of interests.  At the moment, I’m writing in MSWord almost obsessively.  Fiction is better than reality, sometimes.   And I’m working on a few pieces that are kind of sucking me in.

Penpal Problems. I’ve also been writing to penpals.  Well… trying to get things settled in with penpals.  The guy from Charleston was actually from Boston and… well, I don’t like being lied to.  In addition, I was kind of just hanging on for the sake of loyalty – he bored me to absolute tears, anyhow.  I don’t care what the sports scores are for the NBA.  Really, I don’t.  I don’t care how many shirts he has to iron, either.  If that makes me a bad person?  I’m a lousy person.  He’s worse – he was lying to me, and who knows WHAT about.  So I kind of thanked him for his time, and moved on to Pittsburg.  Who was a lot of fun – until he realized that I was a white homesteading homeschooler.  Keyword being WHITE, ironically.  (Hate that.)  I got ditched for being Ma Ingalls.  Whatevs, I guess.

Twice Blessed.  Then craziness happened.  My first ‘real’ penpal years ago was David.  Then when that ended, I wrote to two people at the same time, thinking only one would likely reply, and BOTH of them did – one my age, and the other a gruff old codger with a hundred stories to tell.  Well… guess what happened this week?  I met a potential pen-pal from Yorkshire, whose accent absolutely THRILLS my daughter… and who has a really fun sense of humor.  He’s my age, and a little goofy, but then I can be, too.  Anyhow, I’d written to two ads at the same time, figuring one wouldn’t reply… but then both of them did!  Exactly same thing, this time.  It feels like a sign, because Yorkshire (whose name is ‘David’!) wrote the same time as  Alaskan Bush did.  Alaskan Bush is SO MUCH like Cal, I’m absolutely thrilled:  Gruff old codger with a beard down to his belt buckle with a hundred stories to tell.  So yes, I’m writing… just not here.

Dance Class.  After winter recital, we kind of did a re-evaluation of Lydia’s dance class.  We knew going in that she had what she needed to be in the advanced lyrical class – she’d danced lyrical before, and did the intensive, this summer, and kept up.  But we’d opted for the beginner class, because it was smaller and she felt intimidated.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t challenged at all in the beginner class, so we brought it up to her teacher, and asked if SHE felt Lydia should move up.  The answer was an affirmative, so this week, Lydia’s changed to the advanced lyrical class.  She’s nervous, but I believe you need to stretch yourself to grow, and scary just doesn’t have to factor in.  She’ll be fine, I know it.  The boy in her class is trying to do the same thing… I’m not sure what will happen with him.  He wasn’t in the summer intensive, and I think he’s leaned more tap, so he might not have experience for it.  We’ll see what the teacher says.

College Concert.  This past week I took the kids to a recital.  It was actually two Calvin College professors putting on a mini-concert – the violin virtuoso, and the professional pianist.  The concert was late in the evening, and not geared for kids (or anything we were familiar with)… but they did fantastic.  It was amazing, watching them play – they took my breath away.  And most of the music they played was Jewish!  They even had one called ‘Simchat Torah’!  Wasn’t expecting that.  So it was very fun.  And FREE!!!  (Okay, the Mexican food before it wasn’t, but it was GOOD.)

Fireplace Fixings.  We spent the rest of the weekend getting the little finishing touches on our fireplace.  Putting the trim back up, fixing the motor on the ‘fire’ we’d bought on eBay, hanging pictures.  It looks SO good.  The kids absolutely love sitting and reading, curling up and crocheting… flopping on their bellies with toys in front of the fire.  I didn’t expect them to utilize it the way they do.  It’s like a central hub in our house, already!

Weather Woes.  It’s disgusting, here.  Just wet, melted slop.  I’m irritated to the nth, without my snow.  There should be SNOW.  It’s December.  Equates to SNOW.  You know what I’m saying?  Anyhow, it’s so sloppy, we’re not getting out to hike.  We’d be soaked.  It thunderstormed last night.  In January!  What is that?!  I’m praying for cold.  Pray for cold, for me?

Swim, Some.  I’m *finally* getting back to swimming, starting this New Year.  I really need it – that candy bark was bad news!  (don’t laugh.)  And with Lydia’s class changing, now I have my favorite swim night back.  It’s going to be better, now.  My world isn’t right without the smell of chlorine, the echo of splashing water, and the glimmer of light on the blue rippling pool.

Truck Trouble.  Brian was in a car accident, last week.  A plow truck slid right into him, puncturing his front driver’s tire, and peeling the front side panel all the way back.  It was so close to where he was sitting – I was freaked out when I saw the pictures (and did a LOT of praising and thanking Adonai Elohim!).  So I took the truck in for an estimate, and got to see beard guy.  Last year, I first saw beard guy, and he had THE most beautiful beard.  I swear, I fell in love with that thing.  Well, he’s lost weight.  The beard isn’t as full, as a result, and it… wasn’t the same.  But he did use some freaky implements of destruction that I’d never seen before, to make it so that the driver’s door opens.  And he was as nice as last time.  Just… not as stunningly beautiful.  Sad…!

365 Declutter!  For 2017, I’m not doing resolutions.  Instead, I found a page called ‘365 Declutter’, and every day there’s a 15 minute challenge, to help people get rid of things they don’t need.  I’m not a mess, and I’m not a hoarder – I’m extremely organized, but I have SO much – mostly because I have seven of everything, plus spares, for every size known to man.  And now that we’re outgrowing, and getting different stuff… I need to get a handle on things.  January is ‘The Kitchen’, and this Sunday was ‘declutter your storage containers’.  I had NO idea I had so many empty chip dip, potato salad, lunch meat, and butter containers!  We ended up taking a trip to the recycle center with FOUR BAGS of plastic storage stuff!  It’s amazingly nice, with out all that excess.  Looking forward to more of the same, every week for the next year (should we be here).

Inauguration Issues.  Can I be honest and say that I *STILL* don’t believe Trump is going to be sworn in?  I think something’s going to happen in the next few days.  And I’ve had some weird promptings, lately.  Concerning ones.  I don’t know if anything will happen, or what it would be if something did, but… I’m ansty about this weekend.  It’ll be nice to get past it with no incidents.  Lord willing…!?

Okay, well... I got’s t’run.  I’ve spotted a big log in the woods out my window, and I’m thinking I need some boys to go and snag it for me.  Gotta make sure they get the right one, though, y’know.  😉  Talk to you later!

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