´¯`•. January 20, 2017



Today, for the first time since we bought the flatscreen (five?  six year ago?), we turned it to the ‘TV’ setting, and watched television.  Being a homeschooler, it would be criminal not to let the kids see history in the making.  We watched for all of the people we knew, we talked about the process, and we listened to the Presidential inauguration address.

I don’t know if  I like Trump or not.  I think there’s a place for tact and grace, and that – while he’s got a lot of important things to say and do – he could use a little more tact and grace as he does it.  But maybe a firm hand is exactly what our pansy-arse country needs, now.  Maybe in order to pull ourselves out of trillions of dollars of debt, maybe we need someone who hardlines in business and turns a profit.  Lord knows that after decades of politicians, we’re not in a good place, at the moment.

I don’t care if you’re liberal or conservative… we’re ALL American.
And we need to ALL stand together, united as one.

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