´¯`•. January 24, 2017

George Washington Follies

Imagine a play – filled with songs, games, and costumes – staged between the Trump inauguration and President’s Day, in which children are challenged to consider what traits are found in a good leader.  If you can imagine this, you just pictured our morning.  Today we went to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum to see ‘The George Washington Follies’.

In the play, George is getting fitted for his inauguration day, and is beginning to worry that he might not be everything the people need.  He doesn’t know that he’s the man for the job.  He falls asleep, and is visited in his dreams by Charlemagne, Cleopatra, and Confucious – all of whom have advice for him on how to be a great leader.  ((<< Didn’t realize until I sat down here that they all start with ‘C’s.  Hrm!))

It was a musical, slapstick comedy geared towards children by only two men.  They run sound, lights, props, costumes… everything.  One man plays George Washington, and the other plays… everyone else!

We had a wonderful time, and I thought it might be great to share some pictures:

img_0857-777x525-555x375Sacre-bleu!  To be a good leader?  You start a war, bien sur!

img_0864-777x583-555x416You wanna win the heart of the people?  Dazzle ’em!

img_0868-777x556-555x397Confucius say, open giant fortune cookie for leadership advice!

img_0877-555x410Washington, ready to become the (second) president of the U.S.A!!

Yes, I said second president of the United States of America.  The first was actually John Hanson.  We also learned that Washington never wore a wig.  Did not know that!  Ethan did get to answer a question right, though – they asked which river Washinton famously crossed in the dark of night.  So that was fun.

There is also a whole study guide of activities (Math, English, History, Character Study) to go with it, so I printed that off for us to work on, as our ‘shortened school’ day, today.  It’s here, if you’re interested in taking a look.  Also, we did our charcoal drawings from the play… I’m backdating them to yesterday (since I didn’t post, then!)  In case you want to page back and see.

Anyhow, we had a wonderful time.  If you live within five hours of Chicago (where these guys are based), you should check into whether or not they come to a venue near you.  They’re definitely worth it!

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