´¯`•. January 25, 2017

Lip Blam

Yesterday, Owen (7) comes running up to me, and says, “Here’s the situation, Mom.  ETHAN *stole* my lip blam!”

I said, “Your WHAT?!”

He replies, “My lip blam!  He stole it!”

I asked, “What is lip ‘blam’?!”

He says, “You know, that stuff you put on your lips and it smells good.  I can’t get it for you to show you, cuz Ethan *STOLE* it, and it’s mine!”

I said, “Owen, it’s lip BALM.”

“Yup,”  he agreed.  “And he STOLE it!”

I said, “Owen, no, you said, ‘Lip BLAM’.  It’s BALM.”

He indignantly retorts, “Well, *I* don’t say it that way!”

I returned (trying so hard not to laugh), “Oh, yes you do!  Say it.  Lip. Balm.”

“Do I have to?”

“If you ever want to see it again, yes.”

“Oh, fine… lip BALM.  But Ethan’s still got it!”

“Go and tell Ethan that *I* said he should give it back.  And use the right words!

“ETHAN!!!!!  MY LIP BALM!!!!!!”  And off he goes, tearing through the house as fast as his little legs will carry him.

Hooooo… sometimes, I can’t help but laugh…!!!  I always call it ‘lip gloss’, so apparently he read it wrong?  At least he was passionate about it, I guess!

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  1. Megan Spencer

     /  January 31, 2017

    I’ve scrolled through the news, read a lot of depressing stuff, and this post was my favorite read today. I’m going to get off the net while I’m still smiling. (Lip blam seems like a better name for a boys’ product, btw.)


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