´¯`•. January 27, 2017

Gone Scrapbooking!


I’m behind by three and a half (possibly more) books.  This is NOT acceptable!!  I can tell you why it happened, though – my ZIG markers from when I started (almost 20 years ago) have been dying for a while, and most of them gave up the ghost over the past few years or so.   They no longer sell ZIG markers in the States.  (I tell you – we’re digressing, over here!!!)  So I’ve tried six other different types of scrapbooking markers, and none of them have lasted.  I couldn’t bring myself to purchase what I *really* needed, though… the ZIG are just so expensive!!!!

So finally, Brian just said, “You’ve needed to buy them for six years – just GO and get them!”  So I went on-line and bought markers.  ZIG markers… from Japan (that’s the only place you can get them, now).  And I’ve re-organized everything that has – over the past few years – kind of got strewn all over several places.  And I’m collecting some wonderful font, symbol, and picture ideas from online… like the one above!

It’s time to get back to work!

My goal is to finish album #26, and at least half of #27
this weekend.  After all, #28 and #29 are waiting,
And I have the photos for #30 ready to go!

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