´¯`•. January 29, 2017

After One Week…

I saw this on Facebook.  It’s funny, because it’s been a BUSY week for newly sworn-in President Trump, and people seem surprised about this.  But we’re not talking about a politician president, here.  We’re talking about a businessman president, who has every intention of keeping his campaign promises, and putting his words to action.  People seem outraged, because they’re used to presidents making promises, and then falling through, or taking months (or years!) to implement anything.


It’s been a long week for me, too.  My FB feed has always been open to a lot of different people, but the past six months it’s been pretty vicious and nasty, on there.  First I thought, “once the election is over, people will settle down”.  Then I thought, “after the recount proves Trump still comes out as the will of the people, it’ll calm down”.  Then I thought, “after the inauguration (if there is one), people will stop being so absolutely hideous over him.”

But it hasn’t stopped.  There are three kinds of people on my FB feed:  the type who have lives and live them (these are a lot like me, who have opinions, but keep them quietly apart from FB, because we know that they aren’t going to be accepted, anyhow), the type who post really biased, nasty anti-Trump stuff, and the ones who post “this is what the nasty people are saying… here’s the actual facts behind what they’re outraged about”.

The way I see it?  If I’m getting everything – current outrage AND truth/facts about it –  from a less snappish, angry, nasty place – why do I need the nasty?  And the kicker?  Several of the nasties have ‘had to take hiatus breaks’ from FB over the past half year, here and there, because of the ‘political anger’… and they’re the ones on my feed bringing me down the worst!!  What is that?!  Apparently it takes a LOT of energy to maintain that level of unhappiness?  I’m sorry for people like that.

I’m purging out the hatred from my feed.  Eight people are gone, and I’ve earmarked five more that may have to go.  My life is too short.  If I put my own mother out of the picture because of the negativity she brought to my life, you can be sure I have no qualms about letting go of negative people on-line.  My friend Qene posted something so apt, yesterday… she said, “You wouldn’t let a thief walk into your house and steal your most prized possessions.  Why would you let someone walk into your life and steal your joy?”

I’d like to be joyful.  I’d like to stand behind my COUNTRY – my nation.  That means standing behind the president and giving him a chance to straighten out the mess.  And as I’ve said before… when you clean something, it always gets messier before it gets better.  I think he deserves a little time to try to sort things out, set them straight, and clean up the disaster we’ve been sinking deeper and deeper into.

Our country is at an impossible deficit.  Obamacare was hurting hundreds of thousands of people (and jobs, since no company wanted to deal with Obamacare, so they just made all the work part time, to avoid having to provide heathcare, at all.  Check the ‘now hiring’ signs at any fast food or retail joint).  The welfare and social security models are unsustainable, people are pouring over the border and millions of dollars have to go toward care for them, processing them, exporting them.  There’s also the incredibly elevated terrorism event counts that have become almost a ‘norm’, anymore.

These things are going to take some serious attention.  And while it’s only been a week, we’re seeing a lot happening.
I’m very keen to see what transpires… and I’m willing to stand with America and try to make a change.
And because I love my country?  I’m pulling for the changes to be for the better.

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