´¯`•. February 09, 2017


Lydia and I challenge each other to Dr. Mario, now and again.  She’s gotten really good at it.  In this game, if you get two viruses at a time, it drops a ‘boom’ on your opponent, as a reward to you.  We warn each other by saying ‘boom’, so that the other person knows they’re about to be disabled for about ten seconds.  With Lydia, there are times I could get up and use the bathroom and come back, and I’m still not able to play, I swear it.  The girl is a machine.

Isaac was sitting on the sofa, sketching while we were playing.  “What’re you drawing?”  I asked him, during some of my down time.  “You two, playing Dr. Mario.  Lydia’s turning out awesome,” he replied.  I thought to myself, ‘Well, this should be good…’

It wasn’t good – it was hysterical.


I suppose I should be embarrassed (good merciful heavens, if his interpretation is correct, my shins are like an elephant’s!!!… oh uh, I mean… I soooooo suck at Dr. Mario, anymore!)  But really, it’s just for fun, anyhow, right?

And we all ended up getting a laugh, this time,
thanks to Isaac’s artwork!

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