´¯`•. February 10, 2017

Shabbat Shirah, Tu B’Shevat and Signs In The Heavens

This Shabbat is special for a few reasons this year. First, it is the holiday of Tu b’Shevat – The New Year for the Trees. But there is more.  It’s also an eclipse, full moon, and close encounter even with a comet.
Triple treat: Eclipse, comet, full moon all coming Friday night
Skywatchers will enjoy a rare space triple-header Friday night and early Saturday morning: A “penumbra” lunar eclipse during the full “snow” moon — and the flyby of a comet.

A few hours after the eclipse, Comet 45P, which has been visible after sunset for the past two months through binoculars and telescopes, makes its closest approach to Earth, when it will be “only” 7.4 million miles away, NASA said.

Hope for clear skies on Leil Shabbat and don’t forget to look up
and give thanks to the Lord for all the miracles He makes for us!
–hat tip, Tomer Devorah
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