´¯`•. February 13, 2017

Chibi Harry Potter Drawing

More on the cartooning front – we’ve been having a wonderful time, learning to draw using basic shapes.  Most of it is just easy stuff, but I love how the kids are so *into* doing whatever I have drummed up, next.  This week, it’s been Harry potter characters.

How to draw step-by-step Harry Potter


How to draw step-by-step Hermoine Granger

How to draw step-by-step Ron Weasley

How to draw step-by-step Neville Longbottom

How to draw step-by-step Rubius Hagrid

How to draw step-by-step Severus Snape

How to draw step-by-step Albus Dumbledore

There are also Ginny Weasley, Voldemoort, and Draco Malfoy, if you like bad guys (and yes, I despise Ginny and consider her a villain.)  There’s also Minerva McGonagall (who looked complicated to me), and Luna Lovegood (as usual, she’s been *destroyed* – she’s my second favorite character next to Snape, but because everyone else hates her, the cartoon version is hideous, so we’re not doing her.)

But because I know there are a lot of people who like the movies/books… and enjoy tutorials and fun with their children -I thought I’d share!

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