´¯`•. February 19, 2017

A is for Anna

So, okay… this one’s going to be a little bit crazy.  But sometimes that’s fun, no?

Thursday was our monthly sojourn to School-O.  I should do a post about School-O, sometime, I know… you’re probably curious as to what it is.  Doesn’t matter at the moment, except for the fact that we were on the road, on our way, and THIS:


It’s the letter ‘A’ in the sky!  I was pretty geeked.
Nearly as geeked as the time my WHOLE name was up there.

I know that’s pretty hokey to some people, but I think it’s awesome.  😀   It made me super-mega happy, and that’s what really matters, isn’t it?  The little things that bring us joy?

Okay, well… so that gave me joy, but now a funny story (and picture) to give *YOU* joy, today:

Because I was gone all day (driving through FOUR counties!!), I didn’t have time to write to my penpals.  Yes, I have two, now.  Mostly because penpal #1 was looking for something VASTLY different than me, from the start.  I loved his ad, so I wrote and told him that I liked his writing, knowing full well that I was *NOT* what he was looking for.  But because nobody had answered him, he just suggested we write back and forth for fun – even though I wasn’t interested in what he really wanted to write about. (BDSM.  Ick.  That’s not me.  And he’s really nice and doesn’t even mention that kind of a thing – says he “realizes it’s inappropriate to our friendship”.  He’s just a really nice old guy who likes getting e-mail, and thinks I’m amusing.)

NoTe: I have to write to men.  Apparently, there are two types of women who go to pen-pal sites:  women who figure ‘if I’m going to write, why not have it be a *man*!!’ and women who want to write to women because they’re lesbians, so it’s the same thing:  ‘if I’m going to write to someone, why not have it be someone attractive to me!’  I tried the female penpal thing – it was ick.  Personal opinion, of course – different strokes for different folks, and I’m good with their choices, but it’s not my choice.  So pretty much, I have no choice but to write to guys.  It’s not so bad, as long as all parties are upfront about NOT being interested in talking ick or doing the whole ‘attraction’ thing.  Mostly I go for older men – penpal #1 is 62 years old.  (Cal was 73yo.)  I find the older ones think of me as goofy young daughter, and they have the most stories (and can relate to my weltangschauung) best.   And Brian reads along – I don’t hide anything from him.  I just like writing to people, that’s all.  It’s better than blogging – no responses, here.  😛

Penpal #2 is new (as of last Monday).  I wrote to him because penpal #1 – while saying he doesn’t want to stop writing – is advertising for someone who *does* want to write ick with him.  So I thought if he’s going to get someone new, and possibly drop me because I’m anti-ick, then maybe I should find someone a little more my style.  And I did!  I found a dude who’s utterly bored at work all day, with too light a project load, and he just likes to write/joke.  He doesn’t drink/smoke/do drugs, doesn’t swear, is 20+ years married with kids, doesn’t want to talk anything ick, and is… okay, a Christian.  ← I’m dealing with it.  But he’s just funny.  He seems like a really nice guy.

Anyhow, Thursday when I finally got on-line at the end of the day, he’d shared the first picture.  You know, the  ‘here’s who you’re writing to’ picture.  Usually this happens at the end of the first week, after people have an idea if they’re going to work as penpals or not.  Only he cheated!  He sent a picture with him wearing an oversized knit Mickey Mouse hat that covered his head, and big aviator glasses that obscured his face.  That’s so not even right!!!  And I’m supposed to send a picture of me in return… and he gets to see my face while I didn’t get to see his?  NOT. EVEN!!

So I sent him this:


Brian about busted a gut.  But c’mon…!  Fair is fair.  🙂
And now you’ve had your laugh for the day!  Aren’t joyful moments fun?!



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