´¯`•. February 22, 2017


Hello.  I haven’t done an update in a long time, and there’s SO MUCH to talk about…!!  It’s about time for one of these, don’t you think?  Me, too.

Vacation Planning.  One of the big things I’ve been doing lately has been working on our big adventure trip.  It’s been a problem, because there are several options that I’ve been considering:
1.  West U.P. and North WI
2.  Mid/West WI
3.  Part of OH (1/3?  1/4?  1/2?)
4.  Part/All of IL
So this has been a HUGE problem, because… which do we do?  And in order to figure that out, do I have to look at ALL of them?!  I started with Ohio (because we went to Toledo over X-mess), but that state – no offense, Ohio, but – is seriously fat and overwhelming.  Eight travel books later, I was terrified.  So I started working on the U.P. trip… but we just did the U.P., the year before last, and I’d kind of like to space out my trips ‘home’, y’know?  So then I started looking at WI, while ordering books on IL…

Smallville Seasons.  We’re still working our way thru Smallville.  My bestie told me about a store in town that has the season collections for $4/ea.  We went, and it was SO awesome – they have movies out the wazooooo!  Lydia had needed the last two ‘Twilight’ DVDs for a sleepover, and they had a 5-disc collection of ALL of them for less than the two – so I can clear out four disks from our shelf, thanks to this place!  (Makes room for ‘Smallville’.  *snort!*)

Smallville Silly.  Owen came up to me the other day and said, “Who does Tom Welling sound like?”  (<< Tom Welling plays Superman.)  I said, “He sounds like Clark Kent.”  Owen scrunched up his nose, and said, “Well, why would he do that, anyhow?!”   (((O_o)))  Oh. My…!  Only a seven year old can pull that level of goofy off…!

Divine Leading.  Anyhow… the reason I bring this up, is because I cried out to the Lord.  “Where do I plan for us to go?!”  (This is something trivial, and I have to guiltily admit that I didn’t really expect an answer.)  That very day, the Illinois book came, and I sat down to work my way thru the state, bottom up…?  And the first thing there, is the city of METROPOLIS!!  There’s an actual Metropolis in Illinois, and the whole town is Supermanned!  I’m not kidding, it’s got the largest collection of Superman memorabilia in the world!  I jumped off the couch, grabbed kids and hugged them, and danced around.  “We’re going to METROPOLIS on vacation, this year!!!”  Their eyes got huge, and everyone had a collective freak-out.  How exciting!  The Lord gave me the answer to my problem, and in a way I was not expecting!!

Memory Overhaul.  For a while, I’ve had a scrapbooking problem.  Holson changed the size of the albums I use – they’re smaller than they used to be.  This means that I can’t get the albums I need unless I find them at yard sales, thrift shops, or the like.  Which is rare.  Well, our vacation pictures are SO EXTENSIVE, anymore, I got the idea to do separate vacation albums, to ‘save room’ in the books I do have.  This week, I found albums that will work – at 50% off at Hobby Lobby… but they only had two. (At each location.  Don’t ask how I know that.)  I wistfully told the cashier I wished they had more.  “How many more?”  She asked.  “A LOT.”  I told her.  “Give me a number, and I’ll raincheck them for you at half price.”  !!!!  I’d forgotten about rain checks!  YAY!!!!

Scrappin’ Cyclone.  So I’ve been taking apart a TON of albums  (Oi. My. VEY!) and pulling the vacation pictures out, putting them in their own books, and putting a ‘page marker’ in the normal albums, as to where the vacations go.  It’s… disastrous.  You don’t even want to know.  But it’s freed up three albums, thank goodness!!  So YAY – progress!!

Saturday’s Stars.  Did anyone else get a look at the stars on Saturday night?  I was lying on the sofa, feet across Brian’s lap, looking up out the window, and… it seemed like the stars were WAY too bright.  It was so odd, I got up and ran outside… and the ENTIRE SKY had lowered itself.  Stars I’ve picked out all my life – like Orion? – they were four times the size that they usually were.  It was incredible – I’d never seen so many or so BIG!  It was incredible.

Pool Un-Cool.  I’ve had a hard time swimming, the past four weeks.  First the school boiler went out, then they had trouble re-heating it, and it’s just been c-c-c-cold.  As in, not even fun to *BE* in.  And frankly?  Swimming is great cardio, but I need core and muscle, at this point.  So I was thinking maybe switching to yoga… except that it’s soooo expensive!  So I found a series on YouTube, and well… we’ll see how it goes.  I think it’s going to be good, though.  I *hope* it’s going to be good for me, anyhow!

Craigslisting for Cars. I’m going to get gripey, here, so if you don’t want to hear it, skip to the next one.  I’m pissed.  Because three years ago, my husband decided he didn’t want his older truck, anymore, and insisted on getting a newer truck.  I asked him to just stay with what he had, because a) I didn’t want a loan, b) the timing didn’t feel right, c) his old truck was fine – old, yes, and nickel-and-diming a little, but… anyhow, he really felt that he deserved a new truck, since he works so hard for his money, and he’d like something nice to show for it.  How am I supposed to stand against that?

Fast-forward… to this past fall.  We bought a camper that is in decent enough shape to actually travel with, and went to Indiana Dunes.  It has to be pulled with the truck.  There are SEVEN of us – and for the past three years, if we’ve had to use the truck, the four boys rode in the back of the cab, the two littlest buckled together.  I haven’t liked it, but… what can we do?  Except now, Isaac is nearly as tall as me, and Aaron shot up to be as tall as Ethan.  They. Don’t. Fit.  It was a miserable ride.  So here we are – with a loan on a truck that we can’t use.  And I’m… mad.  I’m mad about it.  There it is.  But I’m thinking it’d be a LOT cheaper to camp thru our Illinois vacation than to get hotel rooms… except we can’t do it, because we don’t fit in the truck.

Assignment for Anna.  So now I’ve been tasked with trying to find something that a) has 4×4, b) has three rows, c) has decent mileage, and d) has a 5.4 engine, to pull the camper with.  Oh, and in our price range, which… I don’t know what that is, at this point.  Because we’d have to sell the truck ($9K)  to pay off the loan ($5K left on it) which leaves us $4K after it’s sold, but that’s not enough, so we’ll need another loan.  I could scream.  And of course if it’s NOT a truck, he doesn’t want anything to do with finding it.  This really isn’t helpful, may I just add?  And he’s pissed because he’s always had a truck, and he wants a truck, and this whole not fitting thing – of course – is not working for him.  We’re angsty over here, at the moment.

Back (and forward!) Posting.  In other happier news, I’ve been back posting.  There’s a cartooning with Harry Potter post, two Corinthians Posts (1 and 2), and a ‘Night at the Museum’ post.   Everything should be caught up, here, now!  AND I’m done with 1 Corinthians.  Have you ever felt like there’s just a LOT to keep up on?!  I’ve also got a bunch of post ideas that I have to write up – this weekend’s adventure/hike, School-O, a Quest, a SoTW… yikes!!

Trend Micro.  Our anti-virus was expiring, last month, and we decided not to go with it, again.  It was ‘Bullguard’, a British anti-virus that was heavy-handed, IMO.  If it ‘suspected’ anything, it wouldn’t let me open sites, even if I knew they were fine.  So Brian suggested we go with Trend Micro, which is what his shop uses.  For the past month, my computer has been freezing every 45 seconds.  I’m of the mind that this is Trend Micro doing something, but I’m not sure.  I know when what I’m doing involves on-line sites that have pictures, it’s eight times worse – every few seconds this happens.  Just in writing this paragraph, it’s happened three times.  I’m not happy.  Anyone have experiences like this with with Trend Micro?  I’m thinking – money spent on it or not – it has to go.  (Make that five times, now.  Six. Seven.  Eight.)  GAH!!!!!   It looks like we’re opting for something else, as of NOW.

Anyhow…  I probably should go.   Things to do, lots to take care of… you know.  😉




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  1. Do you have Crapcleaner? If not, get the freeware version and run it to clean up messy harddrive and temp files. If your computer is ‘clean’ then yes it can be the anti-virus slowing it down. Though many anti-virus systems also don’t look for spyware, and that’s always a possibility. You can still use Microsoft Security Essentials as an anti-virus. Works just fine for free and it still updates (even if Windows Update is borked and changed). As it’s a windows product it won’t cause problems. If you’d like a different anti-virus, there’s plenty of options both pay and freeware – they all have their unique hiccups sometimes though. There’s other problems that could be an issue – like the browser might need an uninstall/reinstall.. but start with examining to make sure it’s clean and then work your way outwards – even to something as simple as opening and cleaning the inside of the unit with a soft paintbrush and condensed air (provided it’s not under warranty anymore).

  2. Emily

     /  February 23, 2017

    How much would renting a big enough vehicle for your trip?


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