´¯`•. February 23, 2017

Learning is Fun!

Everyday on Facebook, I post a ‘Photo of the Day’.  (Admittedly, that’s typically the *only* thing I post on Facebook, anymore.  I go there for information.  I come here to share.)  But anyhow, I figure if I make someone smile with my pictures, then it was a good day.  Anyhow, we’ve been studying the Periodic Table of Elements in science, so today’s picture cracked all of us up.  It’s called ‘Criminal Elements’:

Hehehehehehehehe…. too funny…!  Anyhow, my friend Carolyn sent me the link to a guy (Tom Lehrer) who can sing the entire Periodic table of elements (well… what they’d discovered up until his performance in 1967).  Heck, there are a LOT of elements that have been discovered since our textbook was written (1991)!  Anyhow, it was really fun to listen to!

While it would be fun to learn all of those (!!!!  ← Daniel Radcliffe of ‘Harry Potter’ fame can sing it, too!), I really have other goals.  At the moment, I’m really set on learning the 20 kings of Judah, from Chronicles (number two-ah).  And of course I’d learn it the way we learned the books of the OT, the books of the NT, the apostles, the OT judges, the 12 tribes of Israel, and the first 23 digit of Pi…  by way of song:

Just in case anyone was wondering where I am.
I’m learning “Rehoboam, Abijiah, Asa and Jehosophat…”  LoL!!!

(((( Learning is fun!! ))))



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