´¯`•. February 24, 2017

Interesting Thoughts…


Rabbi Kessin has made a new video.  In it, he tells us to expect [Mosiach/Messiah] in 5778.    … 5777 would be the year that we are prepared for His arrival, and 5778 – the eight being the number of Moshiach – is when He finally reveals Himself.
He spoke about the ”love fest” of Trump and Bibi  with their arms around each other and explained that what this really represents is Yaakov and Esav returning to each other. We are witnessing the prophecy of the Torah from 3300 years ago – that they will be brothers again.  This was like a re-union of the brothers for which there has been no precedent in the USA.   Trump is the tov sh’be Eisav – the good part of Eisav.  Hashem has groomed Trump for this role.
The task of America now is to:
1.   Assist the Jews both in military and trade
2.   Allow Israel to build up for the kibbutz galius – [we are getting very close to Moshiach] – more on this on the video
3.   Protect Israel from Iran [or anyone else including the UN and Europe].
4.   Neutralize the two state solution.
Trump is highly instrumental in getting the world to a state of consciousness in which it can receive the Moshiach – even though Trump is unaware of this, he is just doing the will of Hashem.  Hashem has groomed Trump for this role.
aNNa’S NoTe:  This really caught my eye, today.  Not because I give a fig about the rabbi’s predictions (although it makes sense… but I don’t have a handle on the timing or play out of Revelation, yet again).  No, it caught my eye because of the Esau/Jacob references.  Everyone always points to Revelation and says ‘Israel will be alone in the end times’ because there are verses that say ‘she will be surrounded on all sides’.  Okay, but being surrounded by enemies doesn’t necessarily mean there are no friends or allies.  I’ve never set well with that line of thinking.  Or any of the people who claim that the U.S. is Mystery Babylon or the home of the Anti-Christ, or anything else.  I have a hard time with conjecture – have since I left christianity (aka Conjecture Central). 
It makes FAR more sense to me that Esau and Jacob would re-unite.  The split stick in the OT prophecy that becomes one… all of these things point to a final ‘coming together’ of two houses.  And I just find it interesting that for the first time in the history of EVER, there’s someone really standing with Israel.  Not just in word, but in deed.  It’s pretty amazing, however it plays out.
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