´¯`•. February 28, 2017

Mardi Gras

(the stolen holiday: a repost)

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Jewish woman named Esther.  She was chosen by the King of the ruling Empire to be his next queen.  As queen, she discovered a plot by the king’s right-hand man (Haman) to exterminate the Jews.  Of course he did not know that she was a Jew.  The story shows how Yehovah put Esther in a position to save the people of Israel from annihilation at just the time she was needed.  At the end of the story – which is in the Bible – it says:

Esther 9:20-28    And Mordecai wrote these things, and sent letters unto all the Jews that were in all the provinces of the king Ahasuerus, both nigh and far,  To establish this among them, that they should keep the fourteenth day of the month Adar… that they should make them days of feasting and joy, and of sending portions one to another, and gifts to the poor.

…Wherefore they called these days Purim after the name of Pur. Therefore for all the words of this letter, and of that which they had seen concerning this matter, and which had come unto them…  And that these days should be remembered and kept throughout every generation, every family, every province, and every city; and that these days of Purim should not fail from among the Jews, nor the memorial of them perish from their seed.

So what we have is a Bible-commanded celebration for every year, throughout every generation, to celebrate the sadness that was turned to joy.  The Jews call this celebration of deliverance from evil by the Lord “Purim”, and they celebrate it every year on 14 Adar… which usually ends up in our March.  They have groggers (noisemakers), dress up in costumes, eat jelly-filled baked goods called ‘Hamentaschen’ (Haman’s ears), and have a huge parade… all to celebrate as scripture says.

There is another celebration in March that is very, VERY similar.  In fact, the similarities are uncanny.  It’s called ‘Mardi Gras’, or ‘Fat Tuesday’.  This is a christian holiday, a day of excess and self-indulgence.  They have this celebration of gluttony of the senses just before Lent… the time when they deprive themselves.  So it’s a sort of ‘last meal’… they gorge themselves in color, sound, food, sex… pretty much anything they have to swear off for Lent.  Neither of which are found in scripture, I will add.  But take a look at this:

purim3   purim4
Both are amazingly festive, with ribbon and confetti and color!

Both have fruit-filled pastries as their definitive treat.

Costumes and revelry, joy and happiness

For all intents and purposes?  They’re outwardly identical!

But taking a look at the underlying purposes, it’s a different story.  Now… let’s see:  shall we celebrate the overcoming of evil by the Lord as commanded by scripture, or shall we celebrate the giving in to base desires in a very close facsimile not at all found in the Bible?   If I didn’t know any better, I’d say there was something deliberate about the fact that this more widely celebrated christian version.   If I were Ha’Satan, and I wanted to turn people away from keeping scripture, would be subtle, and cunning?  Would I twist up a festive celebration so that it’s so close, but not Truth?  Think about this.

As for my family and I… we’re NOT celebrating Mardi Gras.
In just a week or so, we’ll be keeping Purim, instead!

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