´¯`•. March 03, 2017

Hiking:  Reeds Lake

It all started with crepes.  Which sounds weird, I know but it’s true.

I was on Facebook, and ‘ExperienceGR’ posted about a new shop that just opened up in Eastown – a crepe shoppe in a windmill shaped building.  I thought, “Oh, that would be SO FUN, taking the kids for crepes in a windmill.  And it’s a nice day, so we could hike Reeds Lake, too – it’s one of the hikes I saw on HikeItGR, and it’s paved.”  The weather lately has been so mush, hiking has been impossible.  So I pitched the trip to my guy and kids… and off we went, ready to have a wonderful adventure.

It… was NOT a wonderful adventure.
I get my hopes up too high, you know this, right?

We got down to Eastown, which I mostly avoid, because it’s extremely ‘crunchy granola’ yuppie, if that means anything to people.  I’ve been there twice before: once we went to talk about having a midwife deliver our baby.  It was very Gaia, inner chakra, African voo-doo weird that I wasn’t comfortable with.  The second time was to go to a natural healing workshop with my cousin’s wife – the one who is gluten and corn free, but not.  There was a very hippie, odd, alternative feel to it.  This is not my world.  But it can be fun to visit other worlds, sometimes, right?


The first disappointing thing was the crepery.  It had the square footage of a postage stamp.  I was pretty disappointed – there were like six tables inside, for two people, each.  We wouldn’t have even fit in the doorway.  So much for crepes with the kids.  Eastown is NOT for families.

So we headed for the trail.  At least it was sunny and beautiful, right?  We drove down and found a nice park to start at, and set off on our hike.


We were here.


It started off quite lovely.  But unbeknownst to us,
we started at the *only* pretty spot.


Here’s a map of Reeds Lake trail.  It’s green.
It… mostly isn’t by the lake.


It’s… um, mostly walking on residential streets.
Should’ve been named ‘Eastown neighborhood not-so-trail-ish thing.’


And it was INSANELY busy.


Oh, look, a divided highway.
Just what I’ve *always* wanted to hike.


I don’t do people on a good day.  This was… not a good day.
Put a shirt on, it’s freakin’ February in Michigan!!!

  img_0996-444x333 img_0993-444x333

I did find a few pretty things.  Well  prettyish.


But mostly?  Mmmmnnnno.  Oi, the peoples…!!!!


    Oh, look there’s a glimpse of the lake, again.
It took about four miles to find it.  The kids weren’t thrilled.

(Brian said, “We did it, and we can say we did it.  Let’s not do it, again.”)


Instead of crepes, we went to Steak n’ Shake for treats.  And supper.

On our way there, we passed the Sam’s Joint just south of 44th on Kalamazoo Ave.  It’s a restaurant that’s been closed for about five years, now… made from an old railroad depot.  It has charm and class, but it’s deader than a doornail.  BUT… it has a lot of room.  I have decided that the crepery needs to buy the railroad depot and have a larger, second location:  ‘Destination Crepes’.  It would be freakin’ awesome, don’t you think?  ((wink!))



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