´¯`•. March 07, 2017

Showcasing School-O

Once a month, we drive several counties to go to a homeschool group that meets at a library in another district.  Yes, I realize that it’s not our library, and we’re *technically* not supposed to be there, but the library is within the Lakeland Library Cooperative, which means my library card works there, and I can use any of their materials.  So I kinda figured if I could use the materials, maybe it’s okay that we use the services offered, as well.

Fact of the matter is, the libraries in the KDL system (28 libraries local to me) offer entertainment events, but not so much where education is concerned.  Which is kind of pitiful, but there it is.  And *our* library is unspeakable.  I despise it – will drive (and have driven) forty miles to avoid it.  They offer nothing at all, and have very little.  It happens to be the local HS library, and as such – for school security reasons – the doors are always locked.  There’s no way IN the bloody thing.  I hate it.   HATE it.

Anyhow, in our treks around the surrounding areas, we end up at a lot of different libraries.  This particular one had little brochures at the front desk for student study groups, Math Hour (where they provide free tutors!), after school book buddies, *AND* programs for homeschoolers during the day.  And it’s nothing like KDL events, which are ‘self-serve’ tables with hands-on projects, but no information.  No, this is GOOD stuff.  There’s a reason I drive that far.

The year before we joined, they did an ‘around the world’ theme, and every month had a flavor of different countries for the kids.  They’d read a book about the country, then a fictional story to bring it home, then have a craft and food from that country.  Sometimes clothing of that cultural style, or something the country is known for.  Last year, they did an art theme – the Chihuli event I showed here was one – they did sand art, sculpting, bas relief, and more.  It was very interesting.   This year, the theme is ‘mythology’.

In September they did the Minotaur (and made marble mazes), in October it was Medusa with a snake study ( WE SKIPPeD.  aNNa no like-a da snakes.), in November it was Zeus and storms in a bottle.  December was King Midas, January was Cupid (?!) and blow-darts made from straws.  And then February it was Poseidon… and since that was most recent, I thought I’d share a peek at School-O.

Poseidon being ‘God of the Sea’, we studied monstrous looking creatures of the deep, first.  This was a light class – there were maybe seven kids missing.  But it usually starts off with a slideshow or video.

Then a story is read to the kids.  This was an overview of Poseidon, and then a few of the legends and tales about him.  There are three librarians, and they each take a portion of the homeschool program.  These ladies are amazing – put a lot of work into coming up with the stuff for the kids.

One of the librarians went on a cruise, and came back with all sorts of things for the kids to touch and handle.  Shells, starfish, sand dollars, and more.  Everyone is very good at passing things around, and getting a chance to look at it.

After that, we started on our crafts.  We were making yarn octopus.  It was kind of intensive, this time – the little ones needed help with the braiding.  But they turned out awesome, don’t you think?

Afterwards, there was ‘Poseidon Chow’ (puppy chow) made with goldFISH crackers and other stuff, and blue Kool-aid, but we never eat the snacks, and go for lunch on our way home, after.  But the kids love it, and it’s a nice event to attend.  In fact, it’s the only ‘homeschool’ group that we regularly attend.  And we really enjoy it.

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