´¯`•. March 14, 2017

Good Morning!  The sun is shining down on the snow, and my world is bright and beautiful (and yes, I did say *SNOW*!!!)  We got our annual St. Patty’s Day storm, and the world is finally, finally beautiful, again.  No, I’m not so foolish as to expect that to last, but it’s here now, and I couldn’t be happier.

Wicked.  Speaking of, I just found out that Wicked is coming to DeVos Hall in October.  Ho. Mi. GOSH!!!   It’d cost us a metric crap-ton of money to take the seven of us to see it.  I will absolutely bawl my eyes out, through the entire show.  But this is HUGE.  *HUGE*.  And Brian said, “We need to go.”  And I said, “It’ll turn me into a basketcase.”  And he said, “You’ll recover, but this is your only chance, and we need to go.”  So it looks like we’re going to be saving up to go see Wicked.  I’d sing “♫♪♫ I couldn’t be happier ♪♫ “, but frankly, I’m not so sure it’s a good thing.  I mean, yes, I desperately want to see it.  But homigosh, this show is going to absolutely KILL me.  (If I’m not raptured first.  In which case, none of this matters.  I’m thinking positively!!)

RIP Ric.  And on the topic of plays, I found out this weekend that a fellow thespian of mine has passed away.  I have mixed feelings about this – Ric was never nice to me.  The friend who told me of his passing said, “He was a ja¢k@s$, but he was OUR ja¢k@s$.” and that really sums it up… but at the same time, it doesn’t, you know?  Ric had the goal of being in 100 plays.  He far surpassed that, and several of them were with me.  Many I worked on (in one capacity or another).  One was the play I assistant directed.  One was the play that I directed… yes, I cast him in my show!   Once he won the ‘Player of the Year’ award, and they were trying to lower it down to him by having everyone stand up at the meeting and call out all of his accomplishments – it came down to just him and me… and I realized at that moment just how much Ric and I had done together, that we had in common.  So I felt a kinship to him, but he wasn’t a friend.  Does that make any sense?  And while he was never nice to me… I mourning the loss of him.

Arsenic and Old Lace, 1997.
I’m in pink, Ric’s beside me, as Teddy Roosevelt/Brewster.

Tax Time!  Well, we took our taxes in to the (new) crazy tax lady.  I’ve mentioned her before – she’s a gruff old troll kind of a woman, with a hula dancer and cast iron mailbox shaped stamp holder on her desk… she uses the old adding machine that goes clickety-clickety-ka-CHUNK!  She wears offensively blue eye shadow and appliqued sweatshirts from the 80s… but she’s a hoot.  Anyhow, she wanted to do a lot more in the way of claims for Brian’s side job, and she ended up getting us an additional $500 back, so that’s amazing.  She also insisted on meeting the kids, and had a wonderful time talking to them about their schooling.  So that was a fun trip.

Money & Machines.  Big news from Brian’s work.  His boss bought a company out, and is going to be selling off all of the machines from it (he only wanted two of the machines, and the company contacts), and Brian was hoping – kind of in a pipe-dream-y sort of way – that he might be able to get one of them.  But we were being realistic, and assumed that his boss would want too much for the one Brian wanted.  Well, last night he told Brian he’d sell it to him for only $2500, and take it out of his paycheck over the year.  (!!!!!)  Of course we have to pay to have it moved and for the phase converter, but that is FAR too good a deal to pass up.  So Brian is over the moon about the news.  And I’m very, very glad for the sign in the sky that said to stop looking for cars, because we’ll need to hold off as long as the machine is coming out of the check!  But as Brian says, it will pay for itself several times over, so it’s okay.  (Well, eventually, right?)

Talent Contest!  Last week at dance, one of the girls in Lydia’s dance class asked BFF’s girl to be in a church talent contest with her.  She was asked to dance, but she didn’t want to do it alone.  Well, BFF’s girl wanted to, but has a competition that day… so my BFF turned to Lydia and I and said, “I’ll bet you’re free!”  (And of course we are.)  So Lydia’s going to be dancing in a church talent show in a few weeks.  There’ve been two rehearsals already, and another two coming up this week, so… it’s keeping me busy, nights, running back and forth.  Lydia’s excited, but scared and nervous and… all the things a teenaged girl gets when she’s asked to perform.  It’s good for her.

Purim Pretending.  We had a glorious Purim, yesterday.  Ethan won the ‘most creative costume’, by being Branch from ‘Trolls’  (<< movie we saw, this weekend.  Skip it.  It was awful.  But Ethan’s Branch was cute.  You should’ve seen his HAIR!!)  I shocked the ever-lovin’ crap out of Brian by doing myself up as Smallville’s version of Black Canary.  I went like that to sing the kids up, and their jaws just DROPPED.  And you should’ve seen Brian – he came home, and wifey was in black tights, short-shorts, hair sticky-uppie, and a black mask painted across her face.  (Don’t forget the 3-inch black boots.)  He laughed for like two hours, straight, after that.  We had tortellini, watched/read the Megdillah… it was fun.  My hair is snarfley, today, but… we’re dealing.  (*giggles!*)

Notebooking Niceties.  I spent some time this weekend over at The Notebooking Fairy.  I’ve been familiar with ‘Jimmie’s Collage’ for the better part of a decade, but I didn’t know she’d put together all sorts of templates for homeschoolers, available free on-line.  (She also has a lot that is not free.)  But anyhow, I got a lot of stuff that will be great for our schooling, next year.  I just wanted to mention it, for people who might also really benefit from what she has to offer.  🙂

Spiritual Stuff.   I have a confession to make:  I haven’t started 2 Corinthians.  It’s because I really don’t feel like I should do 2 Corinthians.  I don’t know what to do instead, though.  A part of me niggles about Revelations, but that could just be old habits.  Or maybe I’m supposed to revisit?  I don’t know.  But 2 Corinthians comes next in my notebook, so I’ve put it off.  I could also restart the ‘Book of Enoch’ – I’ve always meant to post about that on here.  There are several chapters already written and sitting here in ‘drafts’ , but not yet posted.  I’ll let you know what happens with this.  I’m kind of hoping for directions written across the sky.  Not out of the realm of possibilities, with me.  *wink!*

Illinois!  I’m still looking at going to Illinois, this spring.  I’ve got all of Pinterest perused, and the books gleaned that I have , and a map filled out and… now I just have to get on-line and work up the itinerary, figure out the miles and stops and cost… it’s going to be fun, though.  I’m really looking forward to this.  (Should He tarry.  But you know.)

Swim → Yoga.   I’m tired of it.  Schlepping my stuff to another county to pay money in order to suit up and freeze my narbles off in a frigid pool.  (I don’t even have narbles, and they freeze.)  Then getting out and freezing all the way home, and for what?  Yes, it’s cardio, and it’s great for arm and leg strength… and that’s not even what I really need!!!  I had six babies within.  My core is shot – I have NO stomach muscles, and swimming isn’t helping that.  I need to do something that will strengthen core, that won’t freeze my gludious hiney, that won’t break the bank… so I’m thinking I’m going to try yoga.  I’m not a yoga – meditation – aligning chakras kind of a girl, but the Bible says ‘gird thy loins’, and that means ‘strengthen your core’, in modern English… and I think this might be nicer.  If I can get myself into doing it.  I found a bunch of YouTubes:  “Yoga with Adriene”.  We shall see how this goes.  (Cross your fingers for me?)

Anyhooo…  I always get to chatty in these things, and I’d better wrap this up.  We’re playing catch-up today after an abbreviated (Holiday!) school day, yesterday, and you know how those things can be…!

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