´¯`•. March 26, 2017

Good Morning.  I’ve been having a hard time motivating to write here, again.  Never used to have that trouble – I think it’s because of the lack of comments to spur an interest.  The problem is that WordPress (or Blogger, or whoever) doesn’t have the sense of community that Xanga  had.  It makes things hard.

Planner!  I found a planner that I created back in 2012.  Thought, ‘Hey, that might help motivate me!’  And the last three days, I’ve gotten THREE times the stuff done that I usually do.  This is a good thing, because lately I’ve felt like I’m continually hovering right on the edge of ‘too much stuff’… and being on that threshold is exhausing, did you know that?!?!

Whales of the Deep.  We took the kids to the big ‘Whales of the Deep’ exhibit, downtown this weekend.  It was awful.  It wasn’t about whales so much as it was about the Maori culture, it seemed.  And there were no photographs [flashless or otherwise] allowed out of ‘respect’ for the culture.  That’s… completely ridiculous.  How does my preserving memories of things my family does – IN MICHIGANdisrespect them?  The preservation of memories was what HALF the exhibit was!  I was not happy.

Escher & Glowbugs.  We also saw the Escher planetarium show (which was… just a big biography and not terribly meaty) and the ‘Creatures of Light’ exhibit, which was a LOT more interesting and fun.  If you’re in Michigan and get this way, the ‘glowbug’ exhibit is worth it, but the other two most definitely were not.

Big Things!  Brian’s gotten a whole new bunch of side work, which is really good for us.  Especially since I really need to get Aaron new glasses, and the driveway needs a load of gravel brought in to fill the holes (and maybe we can call Excavator Brian and have him smooth the thing).  The income tax return $$ has come (YAY!!), so I also have to sit down with my guy and plan out where we want to go, and start getting some reservations made for the year.

Getting Outdoorsy.  I think we’ve seen the last of the snow.  We went downstairs this past weekend and put away all of the snowpants and boots, and pulled up the deck chairs and did some cleaning.  I’m hoping Aunt Barb will let us put a TON of stuff on her yard sale, this year, because I’d like to start de-cluttering and paring down.  By a LOT.  Also, this weekend coming up I have some big plant-ish projects – three bushes that need moving, a tree that needs to be chopped down, and a tree that needs to be transplanted.  So there’s a LOT of outdoors stuff.  No sugarbushing this year, though – the kids said they wanted a spring off, so we didn’t tap the trees.  It’s fine by me – there’s lots of other things going on.

Scrapbooking.  You may have noticed that one day a week I’ve been setting aside for scrapbooking.  I’m *finally* getting somewhat caught up.  It’s been a HUGE mess – I’m not sure how I let it get so bad.  But I plan to continue with that.  There are 30 albums, now… I’m caught up to #28.  When I started scrambling, I was back on book #25.  So it’s definitely getting better!

Writing.  I haven’t written here because I’m devoting hours to writing on Word, again.  Creative juices whipping up fictional escapism.  I’m happy with it.  The kids are doing the same (kids tend to emulate adults), and their grammar and spelling is getting SO much better from it, too!

FINAL Season!  We started the last season of ‘Smallville’ on Sunday – it’s taken us SIX MONTHS to get through ten years of episodes, but it’s been kind of crazy/fun.  A little darker than I ever expected, but then this is the world that we’re in, hello.  I’m shocked at half the things they did in it.  Just craziness.

Anyhoooo…  I really ought to go.  There’s a planner full of stuff to accomplish today, and I delight in putting little checkmarks beside things on it.  So until later…!



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  1. Heather

     /  March 30, 2017

    Is your planner something you would share publicly? I feel like I have so much to get done but never enough time, any organizational tool to try out would be appreciated.

  2. Heather

     /  March 31, 2017

    Thanks! I really like that! I think I would put it in a clear plastic sheet, hang it on the fridge, and use a dry erase marker to fill it out. There were so many things I wanted to get accomplished this winter and now I’ve realized that winter is practically over and I didn’t get any of them done. I feel a mad rush to get those things finished, on top of garden planning, reorganizing, and schooling…some days I just find myself staring at the computer screen, checking facebook constantly just to avoid even starting. Maybe having it all laid out like your planner does (and not digital…that’s a black hole) will be enough to get my butt out of the chair without feeling overwhelmed.

  3. I miss Xanga. I haven’t connected well here. Probably my fault but I’m just not motivated. It’s been a weird and crazy year for me and I’m still playing catching up from missing out of 3 months of living. I’m going to fly with FlyLady again. Not much motivation to do that either…but I gotta do something, my house is making me feel overwhelmed. Love your to do list…I made one similar for my job and it really saves me. My memory is awful. Enjoy planning your summer! ❤

    • I don’t think anyone connects well, here. It’s not a community, it’s a platform. There’s a HUGE difference.

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