´¯`•. April 03, 2017

When is Passover 2017?

I’ve been getting some messages asking when Pesach is, this year.  And yeah… every year it’s kind of confuddling, because it’s based on the new moon.  The new moon begins the month of Nisan, and if we can place that, then the rest falls into place:

10 Nisan : Lamb Day (Exodus 12: 3,6)
13 Nisan : Leven Hunt/Burning of Chametz (Lev. 23:14)
14 Nisan : Passover Seder (Lev. 23:5  and Ex. 12:8)
15 Nisan : Counting of Omer begins  (Lev. 23: 15-16)
16 Nisan : Feast of Firstfruits  (Lev. 23:10)
14 Nisan – 21 Nisan : Unleavened homes (Lev. 23:6 and Ex 12:18)
21 Nisan:  Mimouna  (Ex. 12:16)

And of course all of these begin on the night of that date.  Biblical days begin at sunset (Gen 1).

This year was that the ‘New Moon’ (0% moon) officially was March 28, 2017 at 02:58 UTC.  The 1% of the moon – the actual NEW moon, came in that evening.  So Nisan 1 = March 28/29.  Which makes the translation to Gregorian thus:

April 8th : Lamb Day
April 11th: Leven Hunt/Chametz
April 12th: Pesach Seder (Passover)
April 13th: Omer Count Begins
April 14th:  Firstfruits
April 12 – 19th:  Unleavened
April 19th: Mimouna!

Now if you do a Google search for ‘Passover 2017’, it will say April 10 thru 18.  That doesn’t even work if you do it on the 0% new moon – you’d have to start counting BEFORE the new moon, which isn’t Biblical.  But then, the dates that the official Jews in Israel issue are rarely based on the new moon/scripture.  Which is why I have so many issues with them.  😛

And for the record, the Christians are crucifying Jee-zus on April 14th and having him rise on the 16th.  At least they got it within a week, this year… but they don’t even pretend to try to be obedient, so that’s always fun.

I personally am only accountable for myself.  But if a blonde housewife in the middle of nowhere Michigan can figure it out, I’m pretty sure anyone can.  Which means we’re responsible for what we do.  Check me against the moon and the scriptures.  See what you think.  And then do your best to be obedient.


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