´¯`•. April 05, 2017

Questing:  Vikings!!!

In our school studies, we just covered the Viking invasions of both what was then called ‘Normandy’, and also England.  And while we did an anctivity for our ‘Story of the World’ chapter on it, I am also doing Quest badges with my kids… and I wondered if there wasn’t a Viking badge that we could earn.  Whaddya know, but there is!  And it requires a little more than just watching a movie and doing a craft (although those count towards our badge, too).

We were also ahead, in that at our homeschool group, the activity in the month of March was to build an ancient ship – and while they’d meant for it to be a Greek ship, they had to settle for a Viking one.  Which worked perfectly for us!  Apparently they got the pattern from Crayola (link here)… and it was kind of a fun project for the kids.

So we were even further ahead in our Viking studies!

There was a requirement to learn about Nordic runes, so I pulled up a ‘decoder key’ (link) and then found a .pdf page with a series of encryptions for the kids to do.  (Link to PDF here)   I also wanted to take it further – and there’s a tree in the front yard that has to come down, so I cut a big branch of it off, had Brian slice it into ‘coins’, and then we got out my woodburner and made rune coins, something like this:

Another project that I’ve considered was making shields.  There’s a site with amazing looking shields on them… it’s extra (above and beyond the badge!), but in case anyone else likes the idea, it’s a fun one.  The lid of milk jug could work as a center button, too.

I just wanted to put this together, not just as a ‘Quest’ post of things that we’ve been working on, but also as additional project ideas for people who do ‘Story of the World’, like we do.


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