´¯`•. April 09, 2017

Before and After

I bought purple paint.
My husband rolled his eyes.
I asked to put it on the shutters of our house.
My husband promptly lost the purple paint in his barn.

Two years later…

This weekend was a HUGE ‘clean-the-barn’ weekend – in which we moved everything in anticipation of a new machine that we have to make room for.  We’ve also decided to fix/sell a lot of stuff.  It just has to go – we’re not going to use it, it’s just eating up room, and I’m not a hoarder.  I’m not a ‘fling-everything-out’ person like my mom, either, but… all things in moderation, y’know?  And we’re tipped too far on the heavy side, lately.

Besides, husband bought a new machine.
At the moment?  There’s not room, for this mamma-jamma.
So we got everyone outside, emptied one whole side (and a half) of the barn.

And found my purple paint.  And the sawhorses.

When we bought the house, it had green shutters on cream siding with white doors/lights and a primer orange/red cellar door.  I painted the shutters black and we put prettier lights up that were black.  And the effect was far more striking, yes… but kind of boring and utilitarian.

Ten years later, the black has worn thru and has a blackish greenish yuck-ish fade thing going on.  The house doesn’t look s’good.  So this time I thought purple might just dress it up.  I’m not talking like those houses that have purple and teal and pink and lime green on them… just one snappy color.  I told him I want to do the cellar door, the front door, and the shutters, this time.  He wasn’t convinced, and stalled me.

(But I found my paint!)

He humored me and got the shutters down from the house.
I painted one set, yesterday.  Just to see, right?
As I was painting, I asked if he liked it.
He said “No”.  Lydia said, “Um…”

I finished painting.  He hung them up.  I stepped back, and blinked in surprise.  I asked if Lydia liked them, and she said, “Homigosh, I didn’t think it’d be like that…!  YES!  It’s awesome!”  Brian wandered over, and I asked him what he thought.  He blinked in suprise and said, “Oh!  Well, that doesn’t look bad at all.”  (<<  Brian-ese for “I actually really like it”.  Because he’s kind of non-emotional, across the board.)

I think it’s going to look lovely.  A little off-beat, but much more vibrant and nice.  Especially if we do the door purple, too.  It’s going to pretty things up, around here!



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  1. Sounds like fun! I can’t wait to see the photo!


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