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Pesach is just days away.  I’ll be posting links to all of my previous Pesach posts, no doubt… sharing why this is such a huge *HUGE* time of year.  But first, I wanted to put up a few exerpts from articles that have caught my eye, the past few days.

America entered WWI April 6, 1917, 100 years ago.  According to the Hebrew calendar, it was Erev Pesach. [Eve of Passover/Pesach]  Twenty-five years, or 9011 days, later, America entered WWII.  …During this time of our redemption and freedom, may we all be spared and come out redeemed and free.

As we already knew, Donald Trump was 70 years, 7 months and 7 days on his first full day in office, and won by 77 electoral votes….   and now we learn that it was on his 77th day as President that he kick-started WW3 [by bombing Syria].  How could all these sevens be coincidental? How could they not be Hashem’s gigantic hints to the current year 5777 being THE year ?

“While in London I heard from [Rabbi] Elchanan Wasserman, quoting the Chofetz Chaim, that Chazal say the War of Gog and Magog will be threefold.  After the First World War, the Chofetz Chaim said that it was the first battle of Gog and Magog and that in about 25 years there would be a second world war, which would make the first one seem insignificant. Then there would be the third war…”

True to the Chofetz Chaim’s prediction, WWII began in 1939, exactly 25 years after the start of WW1.  How did his prediction materialize so accurately?  The Gemara states, “The Tzadik decrees and Hashem fulfills.” In addition, Dovid HaMelech [King David in the Psalms] says, “He will do the will of those who fear Him.”

When will the Third War take place? Rabbi Alon Anavastates, “The Vilna Gaon says that before the revelation of Moshiach, our nation will have to go through 72 years of unbelievable suffering. This period is called ‘Chevlei Moshiach’ – the birth pangs of Moshiach.”  What unbelievable suffering did our nation undergo? Steipler Gaon [said,] “We are very close to the coming of Moshiach since we underwent most of the ‘birth pangs’ of Moshiach during World War II with its dreadful suffering…”  What year did the World War II end? 1945.  If you add 72 years to the end of the war – 1945 – it comes out to the year 2017, this year 5777!

…We know that “The events of the forefathers are signs for what would happen to their children.” How long was the Babylonian exile? It was seventy years and then we were redeemed. As the Novi says, “After seventy years for Babylonia have been completed I will attend to you…”  Amazingly, the numerical value of שבעים שנה seventy years, is 777 which is this year 5777. In other words, this year I (i.e. Hashem) will attend to you by bringing the redemption!

Didn’t the Ramban forbid attempts to figure an exact date for the arrival of Moshiach? Yes. However, the Ramban says that the prohibition of the Gemara only applied to earlier generations; now that we are on the eve of redemption, there is no prohibition.

On Tuesday (3/14/17), a person named Asher was learning in a certain yeshiva, when an autistic person came over to him and told him passionately, “Moshiach is coming, Moshiach is coming!” After this person left, most of us would be thinking to ourselves, “He must be very troubled.”  Yet, if the Gemara says, “Nowadays, the power of prophecy was given to deranged people…”   This means Moshiach’s revelation will take place very soon! Nevertheless, it will happen unexpectedly. As the Gemara says, “Moshiach appears when not expected.”

…The Gemara says, “In the month of Nissan, they were redeemed from Egypt. In the month of Nissan, they are destined to be redeemed once more.”  How did our redemption from Egypt take place?  Rabbeinu Bachayei says that even though the time of the redemption had arrived, they weren’t worthy of being redeemed. However, once they all cried out in unison from the work that they were undergoing, there Tefillos were accepted and they were redeemed!  The Medrash states, “Just like the first redemption from Egypt was caused through crying out to Hashem, so too, our upcoming redemption will happen in the same fashion.”

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