´¯`•. April 12, 2017

Good Morning!  I thought maybe I should do one LAST personal update before Pesach.  Because you know as well as I do that Pesach is a hugely possible rapture date, and that right about now, I’m geeking.  I do this multiple times a year (for those who are new), you just endure it, and it goes a way for a while.  Not long but,  you know.  (NoTe:  When I do ‘patchwork’ blogs, I just type ‘patchwork’ into the permalink, and it assigns it a number.  Today’s?  Is number 27.  Just sayin’!)

Spring Break!  We’re off school on Spring Break, this week.  I know – everyone else had last week off, but that’s stupid.  This week is Pesach – it’s our Feast Week.  It makes FAR more sense to take off for this.  (Honestly?  Wouldn’t it make more sense for chrischuns to take Easter week, since it’s supposed to matter to them?  I digress.)  Anyhow, the kids are glad to be off lessons.  I may have them do their Passover and Firstfruits lapbooks, later when they’re fidgety.  But for now, they’re just happy to have a vacation!

Cleaning!  I don’t think our house has been this gorgeous since we moved in here.  Having five helpers has made it SO much faster/easier to get control of everything.  It doesn’t look different, it just… would it be weird to say things are sharper, more in focus?  Dust puts a cloudly, filmy layer on everything, and when it comes off, wOw, y’know?!  We’re not done – today is Kitchen Day.  But considering that we’re eating up the last of the chametz and making a feast dinner, it seemed silly to clean that just to make a mess of it, cooking.  Just saying.  I did self-clean the oven and clean inside the stovetop (because I can’t cook a feast with the oven/stove out of commission…!).  But we’re almost finished, otherwise.

White Wine & Anchovies.  This year I’m going to try making one of the lambs with a different sauce.  Because while rosemary and garlic are nice, it still tasted like roast beef, all the other years that I made lamb (and not roast beef).  The recipe I’m looking at calls for white wine and anchovies.  My kids are going to SPAZZ out when I grind baby fishies up in a blender, today, you realize this, right?  Man, I hope it tastes okay.  Because it seems weird to me.  Just… sayin’.  (I’m doing the other lamb with Dijon, instead.  So there’s back-up.)

New Penpal.  I know, I know… but I really do love life more when I’m corresponding to someone.  This penpal was amazing – stipulated no identities (!!):  The person answering could be young/old, skinny/chubby, white/Asian, or a purple alien with five eyes.  So I took on the persona of a purple alien with five eyes, and have been having a marvelous time.  Actually, it’s worse than that.  My purple alien has a magic hat full of little slips of paper that have accents written on them.  Each day, I draw out a slip, and write in that voice.  Eet can be ze French accent, oui, R’ it can be a real nice Suth’rn drawl, ar it can go the wee of the Irish an’ be a Brogue, faith n’ it can.  I’m having a ball, and the new penpal is playing along, too.  Which just makes it all the more fun!

Machine Update.  We busted booty like CR-azy, this weekend and got the barn overhauled.  Brian’s new machine is slated to be moved here April 19th, and the space is open for it.  But man, what a mess…!  There’s a LOT of stuff that we’re going to try to sell on a garage sale.  (Not at my house.  I don’t host – don’t want people coming near.)  But Brian’s happy that we got it cleaned up and prepped for his machine.  I think he’s getting a little nervous about it.

Boy Power.  One of the men in Brian’s shop had a small job he wanted done – just boring holes in chunks of steel.  But there were something like sixty of them.  So he asked Brian if our boys might like to do the job.  We (of course) have the mill at home, in the barn, so while Brian was working on his big machine, he had Isaac and Ethan set up on the mill, working near him.  They did really well – Isaac earned $30, and Ethan earned $20.  They were very proud of their accomplishment, too.  Makes my heart happy.

Girl Potential.  My girl has decided on her career path – she wants to be an ASL (Sign Language) interpreter.  I have a homeschool mom friend that I had thought to ask about it, when we got closer to that time.  I know she did her schooling at GVSU (which is nearby), and later got her state certification.  But my bestie found out for me this week that there’s a 3-year ASL program at a community college that might be better for us.  First, CC is cheaper.  Second, she can dual enroll with less difficulty, and possibly start as early as this fall.  Anyhow, BFF found a contact for us to talk to, and we’re pretty happy about that.

Smallville Finale.  We did it!  We finished ‘Smallville’!!  It took six months to watch the entire ten years’ worth of episodes.  And honesty?  I’m pretty Krypton-ed out.  But it was kind of fun.  And of course our ‘finale’ is going to be going to Metropolis, this spring.  We’re pretty geeked about it.  🙂

Panstarrs.  Something I saw this morning… a naked-eye comet has caught astronomers eyes.  Remember, comets mean “Pay Attention: Something’s going to happen!”  Anyhow, here’s what the article says:

More than 180 million km from Earth, something is happening to Comet PanSTARRS (C/2015 ER61). On April 4th and 5th, the comet brightened more than 6-fold, from magnitude +8.5 to +6.5, suddenly reaching the verge of naked-eye visibility despite its great distance from our planet. Now amateur astronomers are photographing an incredible tail.

The comet’s tail is about 2.5 degrees long…  That means it spans more than 8 million km. For comparison, the entire sun is 1.4 million km wide; you could wrap the comet’s tail around the sun’s equator twice.  Another way of putting it: The distance from Earth to the Moon is only 5% of the length of the gaseous lane behind Comet PanSTARRS.

The comet’s closest approach to Earth will be 176 million km (1.18 AU) on April 19th. Even at that distance, the comet might be a beautiful sight in backyard telescopes if current trends continue. 

I should probably add that April 4/5th were the days of the chemical attacks in Syria… and that April 19th is the eighth day, or Mimouna – the day Pesach is over.

Scrapbooking.  I *finally* got our Indiana trip all edited and ready to print.  From 1500 down to 300 pictures, which… it’s a lot, I know.  But these are big events for us.  I’m still hopelessly behind, working to try to get things caught up.  Honestly, I’m only a year behind in decorating/labeling albums, and another year behind in editing on the computer (which then will be put in books and… will mean being TWO years behind, total).  But that’s not horrific.  And it’s beginning to look like summer, which means I can get out on the deck and scrapbook by the kids.

Snakes.  Two snakes, already, this spring.  I have little else to add, about this.

Anyhow… I should go.  It’s a very, very busy day.  Tonight we burn the remaining chametz, put lamb’s blood on our doorpost, and have a Seder feast!  Before that?  There’s food to prepare, a kitchen to finish cleaning, Passover posts to set up on this site for the next few days, and last minute preparations to put in place.  If I don’t get back to say so (and I won’t)…

Chag Pesach Sameach!!


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  1. Catherine Miller

     /  April 13, 2017

    What are your favorite penpal sites to recommend?


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