´¯`•. April 19, 2017

I’m so very, very sorry, but I have to take a week off posting.  AT&T wireless is doing something horrible to my service.  I do the exact same things – go to the same sites – every month.  Every month until last month, I’ve had 5g left over at the end of the month.  The past two months?  My routine useage (which includes no cellphone use, no movie streaming, no music, and only 20 minutes of YouTube educational videos once a week) has used up 15G in ten days’ time.  Something’s wrong… but I don’t know what, and they claim they can’t tell me what it is.

They won’t tell me what’s happening, and… I can’t afford it.  So I’m off-line as much as possible until May 5th.  Posting is mostly impossible.  So my apologies for my absence.  I don’t have a choice, until I figure out what’s sucking the bandwidth.

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  1. Multiple potential issues: do you leave roaming turned on (even by accident)?
    Is there an app that is constantly checking for updates or using data?
    When you are home (I presume using a router) are you tethered to the home wireless instead of using the data/roaming?
    Has ATT correctly rolled over previous unused data?
    Youtube videos are probably going to be data heavy, and will pretty much suck up the majority of everything you’ve got.

    My husband uses a lot of data on his plan, but has never run out. Only time there has been a problem is if he forgot to tether at home and left roaming on, or he was dling a lot of podcasts.

    • The AT&T guy last night told us that in February, all sites went HD, and so just browsing takes three times the bandwidth.

      We don’t use roaming. We don’t use phones, so I don’t utilize apps. We’re tethered to wireless all the time – that’s the only way I roll.

      They’ve kind of patched it, but I’m not comfortable, and I don’t like that the Internet isn’t informative about the changes, and isn’t offering options for people who don’t WANT videos or streaming.

      Supposedly last night we ‘upgraded’ for $10/mo so that we’ll never run out – it’ll just go to lower speed after we reach capacity. I just wish it were lower speed, all the time. They don’t offer that.

  2. Dave/Elrond

     /  April 22, 2017

    We all should know by now that all those blinky/flashy ads and pop-ups suck massive amounts of bandwidth. Even while using ad blockers.
    Probability is high that with the new law about our service providers being allowed to sell off our online cavorting and gallivanting has also allowed “silent” intruders and hangers on. I’ve noticed since that law was voted in (if supposedly not implemented yet), my already jerky/sluggish laptop has nearly ground to a halt. If I don’t run every scanner known at ten hour intervals (with restart), every browser I’ve tried will literally stop responding. I usually had always left any of my computers running indefinitely because “cold starts” are harder on the hardware than just leaving it running.
    For a side-eye king such as myself, My paranoia level has gone through the roof!

  3. Is someone tapping in and stealing from you.?

  4. Husband says that ATT has probably opted you into downloading all videos you watch on the phone in HD quality 1080p or slightly lower. You would have to call them to opt out and demand it’s downloaded in a lower 480p quality. Even at that I don’t see it using that must, a 2hr movie for instance is only about 2G’s Otherwise sounds like they got extra money out of you, but at least you’re at unlimited now. If you are using it as a tether though, and everything you do online is going through the phone, then the unlimited plan would make the most fiscal sense.


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