´¯`•. May 04, 2017

Note to Self

While my FB feed is literally exploding with ‘May the Forth be with You!’ (← a sign of my leaning towards associating with some amazing nerds), I refuse to post such a thing here.  I’m standing on principle: my current penpal (who may just be THE best one I’ve had, yet!) is a comic-con attending, Mass Effect playing, sci-fi addicted, video making, overlord slaying, self-proclaimed Jedi Master.  And I argue in favor of the Sith.  Something like this:

“… You were kidding about the ‘master jedi’ thing, I hope!  Jedis are the least impressive part of the Star Wars franchise, you know this, right?  They’re all hype – and evil.  They pretend to be good, but they’re really not.  People think the Darths are evil, but they’re not – they’re misunderstood.  It’s Obi Wan who trained Anakin when he *knew* he wasn’t supposed to.  It’s Obi Wan who didn’t finish him off when he should’ve.  Ergo, he was responsible for the deaths of millions of people – that ‘awesome’ jedi.  I have NO use for him, he was weak from moment one.  Worse, when it came down to defeating Vader in ‘New Hope’?  He martyrs himself instead of doing what he knew should’ve been done.  Give me a Sith Lord, any day, at least their actions reflect their beliefs.  You don’t *really* associate with the Jedis, do you?  Really?  Even Yoda tucked his cowardly tail and hid in a bog for decades instead of being proactive.  The jedis were *wiped* too easily, because they were weak.  And now Luke… off in ‘exile’ for some stupidity, leaving the world to suffering and misery while he ‘oms’ in some distant reach of the galaxy.  Unimpressive, all of them.

Be smart.  Be strong.  Be Sith.”

It’s mostly just fun.   But no… if I had a picture that I was going to post here, today?  It would probably be this one:

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  1. If the penpal is as big a SW geek as they claim they should know the ancient lore about Jedi and Sith. Inherently, if Jedi were really as good as they are supposed to be, most people would root for them, but like everyone and everything are total hypocrites, a fact not lost on the Sith who exploit that. To be sure the stories about the Sith go a lot deeper than just the Darths – the origin some many thousands of years ago. Many of them are absolute evil that get sadistic pleasure in killing and hurting others. Each side has a purpose, as it’s really the embodiment of yin/yang – with the sweet spot to aim somewhere inbetween – in total balance. The problem was that’s not the goal either side aimed for, which resulted in a schism, the Jedi splitting, and then the two groups kicking off. It seems the new film will explore why Luke is bummed out, mainly because I think he’s come to the realization that the Jedi and Sith may have a lot more in common and that they are raging hypocrites.


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