´¯`•. May 05, 2017

Worlds Apart

Right now in my life, I have some serious ‘divisions’ of thought that I’m contending with.  People blaming Trump for everything under the sun, but mostly it’s not about the man, it’s about the hate.  I have a LOT of people in my life who spew hate.  It makes it very hard for me, reading FaceBook… because I don’t want to hate.  I choose not to hate.  And while I know that my beliefs, my lifestyle choices, my education choices, my medical choices, and my political choices are NOT the norm, I want to believe that people who love me will love me, regardless of whether what I believe/do matches what they believe/do.

It’s not always the case.  A very close thespian friend of mine shocked me when she ‘friended’ me on FB, and then four days later walked out of my life, because I’m ‘not the person she thought I was’.  I felt judged.  No worse – judgment is okay.  You don’t have to agree with me.  I don’t want anyone to agree with me, if they have other views.  But to judge and reject… because of that judgment?  That hurt.  It hurt a lot.  I feel like the same thing happened with one pen-pal.  That I was ‘too different’ or whatever shit came down, and I wasn’t only judged, but judged and rejected.

I’m here to state vehemently that it doesn’t have to *BE* that way. 

This morning on my FB, a friend of mine posted this:

No one who voted for Trump should be allowed to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Okay, now that offended me.  First of all, people should have the right to vote for who they choose.  Second, people should be allowed to celebrate any damn day they want.  and third, why on earth would anyone turn a day of tortillas and burritos, sombreros and guitars… into hate?  Ostracism?  Anger?  Judgment?  Why can’t we all just sit down and have a bowl of chips and salsa?  Why can’t we just accept that we make different choices?  I would never take away her choice to celebrate anything, or vote for anyone.

This video spoke to me.  I spent night after night laughing, working with, serving with, helping, and encouraging my thespie friend, just to have her find out that I’m ‘not what she thought’ and have her walk away.  I spent ten months building a friendship, laughing with, sharing pictures with, writing to an on-line friend, just to be declared ‘too different’ and have him walk away.

I want these people to be the exceptions.  I want to be able to be friends with a girl who posts statements like that, but still is my friend, because even though I voted for Trump and fiesta, she can accept me, anyhow.  I want to be able to scroll past “Every sentator in Michigan voted down Obamacare – @$$H☼l3$!!!”  and choose to be friends with them, even though I don’t share the sentiment.  I want everyone to be able to make their choices, have their beliefs, and STILL be able to hit the ‘like’ button under my posts.  Laugh with me.  Accept me, just the way I am.

The past six months, the volume of hatred has nearly put my ears out.  It’s been just vicious.    It’s been horrible… intolerant… bigoted… hurtful.  I wish more people could allow others to have their own beliefs, and not make it a dividing point.  I’m friends with Democrats, Catholics, Jedi Masters, Christian pastors, public schoolteachers, homosexuals, survivalists, and (they wouldn’t admit it) bigots.  I don’t agree with any of them, but that doesn’t mean I can’t value them as people, enjoy their company, and be their friends.

This video just really spoke to me.  Please watch it.
And consider the beauty of personal choice.

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