´¯`•. May 07, 2017

G’Morning!  I’m *trying* to get back on schedule, here.  It’s been really, really hard, operating at 2G after being 4G for so long – almost like my old dial-up days!  Don’t get me wrong, it was enough (and I did the dial-up thing for something like 13 years, here… it’s completely doable).  But I got spoiled and it gave me WAY more time.  This would be me, finding out what a blessing 4G is.  🙂

Categories.  I’ve been thinking… there isn’t a ‘category’ section on my blog, but I have *some* hings categorized.  I’m wondering… would that be helpful?  Because last night (on an 11 mile bike ride), I got to thinking… maybe I should have a ‘Michigan’ category.  (Well, one for each state, as we visit).  Maybe I should have things at your fingertips, better?  I don’t know.  Still considering it.  But there’s just so much here – spiritual stuff.  Homeschool stuff.  Travel stuff.  Art stuff.  Projects.  Thinking out loud…

Hard-Core Visitors.  This past week, someone overseas started at the beginning of my blog and started reading forwards.  67+ pages a day!  What the heck?!  I know my friend Missy did that once upon a blue moon, and there have been others (I do it myself, when I find an interesting blog!)  but… I thought people were over that kind of thing.  That’s SEVENTEEN years of blogging to read thru!  Every day!!!  Whew.  I don’t envy you, dude/dudette.

Bourne Blitz.  I’ve decided to read the Bourne books.  There’s something like nine of them, so it should keep me busy for a while.  I’ve finished ‘The Bourne Identity’ this weekend – it was *nothing* like the movie.  So crazy!  Basically they took names and places from the book, and the initial situation (man found floating in water, has bullet holes and amnesia) and went a WHOLE ‘nother way with it.  Isn’t that fascinating, how Hollywood does that?  Blows my mind.

Orange Smoothies.  Okay, so I’m weird, you all know this, right?  Well, every half year or so, I pull up photography blogs and read the love stories, looking at people’s wedding days.  The beauty, the happiness… it makes *ME* happy to do.  And somehow that led to me finding a girl who has state-side travel adventures (posting pictures of this amazing country on her Instagram), which led to me seeing a picture of an orange smoothie, and… voila!  I need to make one, today!  It’s so fun, how a picture of a wedding dress hung on a pine tree leads to a tall, teal-spotted glass of Orange Smoothie.  Viva la internet!

Picture Progress.  I’m still playing catch-up with photos, but I’ve got a new brainstorm.  I break each month’s folder down into events.  Like there’s a 07-2016 folder, with subfolders for ‘camping’, ‘Mesick trip’, ‘hiking’, etc.  Then I can work on things in bite-size chunks and not be staring 624 July photos in the face.  It really, really helps, believe me!  (And July is done – yay!)

Homeschool.  Can I be honest?  Lydia’s starting to scare me.  She’s coming to the ‘end’ of her school career (she’s at the equivalent of the end of her junior year)… senior stuff is looming.  Driver’s Ed (I wish it weren’t so *expensive!!*).  College (do we want to dual enroll her for the next year?).  Graduation (how does that WORK for a homeschooler?!).  SATs (should we cow to TPTB and do a GED, as well?)  Just… a lot of things, coming up.  They all make me a little nervous.

Why Are We Here?  I’m also going thru a bit of a personal crisis.  I’ve been on this planet 43 years (ish?).  What am I here for?  I thought I was supposed to be LONG gone, before now.  What am I supposed to be doing?  Am I doing it right?  I have questions.  Tons and tons of questions.  If I feel this antsy, should I be sitting still in once place like this?  Is traveling the answer, or do people who wander just struggle to find the same thing I’m looking for, unsuccessfully?  I don’t know.

Possible Rapture Dates.  There are five possible rapture dates upon me.  Yesterday was one of them.  Next Sunday is another.  Then Ascension Day, and then Sinai Day, and then Shavuot/Pentecost… I know whom I have believed, and am pursuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him against that day.  HOWEVER… ‘that day’ has been eluding me so long, I’m starting to think it’s a mirage on the horizon that I’m chasing that isn’t even there.  It drives me batty.  Yet I watch the days…  I laughingly tell my pen-pal (we have a joke between us  – that I’m an alien, so I tell him) that I’m waiting for the homing signal, and impatiently am waiting to leave this place and go HOME.  It works, right?  LoL!

20,000 Leagues.  We finished (two weeks ago) reading Jules Verne.  It was my first attempt at Verne, and… it was nothing like I expected.  In hindsight?  I wish I’d done a ‘picture’ map of the adventure, like I did with ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’.  (I wish I’d done the same thing with ‘Around the World in 80 Days’.)  Alas, maybe next time?  But we’re watching all three movies of it.  Disney’s has the best Nemo, but screwed the story horribly, and destroyed Conciel.  The Ben Cross version was far closer to the actual story, but Nemo was creepy insane, and Conciel became a girl (!!) who wast stuck in a love triangle between Nemo and Ned Land.  (!!!!!)   Now we’re trying a version with Micheal Caine as Nemo and Patrick Dempsey as the main role… with Conciel as a freed slave from New Orleans (!!!).  Caine sucks as Nemo.  But I like Dempsey… a young, idealistic, scorned scholar (1800’s nerd) off to prove his theories about sea monsters isn’t stupid?  It works.  We’ll see how it goes.

Anyhooo…  I’d probably better scoot.  There are books to read, adventures to have, pictures to edit, ideas to try, air to breathe… and rapture dates to anticipate.  (←  I had to.  For your benefit.  I amuse you, admit it.)  Will see you the next time!

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