´¯`•. May 08, 2017

Adventures in WISCONSIN

Apparently I didn’t blog the vacation to Wisconsin.  I can’t believe that I didn’t – that’s so not like me.  But I need to put it together, and then add the pictures, and then put it up, here.  Right here.  And we have two more adventures planned for Wisconsin yet to come.  I’m splitting the state into three(ish) parts:  Eastern Wisconsin, West/Central Wisconsin, and Northern Wisconsin/Western U.P.  Which will be messy when I get there, but whatevs.

In case you’re interested in Wisconsin, here are some wonderful places to visit!


  • 2014 Trip Day #1 – S.S. Badger and Door County
  • 2014 Trip Day #2 – Wolf Dells & reservation falls
  • 2014 Trip Day #3 – Cheddar, Gardens, & Lighthouses
  • 2014 Trip Day #4 –
  • 2014 Trip Day #5 –
  • 2014 Trip Day #6 –
  • 2014 Trip Day #7 –


  • Dells
  • Madison


  • Apostle Islands
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