´¯`•. May 10, 2017

Adventures in ILLINOIS

Goodness, there’s a lot of places in this world to visit!  I have to confess:  I love reading about travel.  I have an entire folder FULL of travel blogs that I want to read.  I subscribe to a few, too.  But frankly, I don’t have the money to do the kind of traveling these other people do.  Well, neither do they, but their husbands have jobs that can be done virtually, and mine is tethered to machines.  BIG machines.  So I can’t travel like that.  But I can see places that aren’t quite as exotic, but equally beautiful.  So that’s been my goal.  To adventure in my own ‘backyard’, so to speak.

This index is for the places that we’ve been to in Illinois.  In case you are interested in taking a trip there.  When I looked at the state, I made some tough calls:  I decided that we’d skip Chicago for now, skip everything along I-88 (which could be done on the way to other states), everything along Route 66/I-55 (which would take us to other states), and everything in Springfield (which will be another X-mess trip, eventually).  So here’s how it works out:



  • Holy Name Cathedral/Bahai Temple
  • Navy Pier/Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Shedd’s Aquarium
  • Art Museum
  • Museum Nat’l History



  • Capitol/Hist. Museum/Old Capitol
  • Lincoln Nat’l site/Lincoln Library/Tomb
  • Botanical and Carillion (zoo?)
  • Rock n’ Roll Hardees and Phone Museum





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