´¯`•. May 15, 2017

The New Machine

It’s been a big thing, for a LONG time.  The company Brian works for bought another company about six months ago.  The owner bought it mostly for the business contacts, but he’s taken a few of the machines, absorbed three of the employees, and had a machine auction to sell the rest of the equipment that was there (and if I understand correctly, several other machine owners went in on the auction, so there was more at the sale).

We got to walk thru the sold company, looking at the old machines that they had, there.  It was SO kewl… some of them were from the 1940s, even!  The factory was apparently very tiny when it started, with old machinery, then an addition was put on, with 50’s/60’s machines, then another addition added (bigger/wider) with 70’s/80’s machines, then another addition with newer machines.  It was like walking through an industrial time warp!

The nice thing was that Brian approached him about one of the machines that he wanted, and his boss said, ‘sure’.  More, he said that he’d just deduct $$ from our check (about $120/mo) for a year to pay for it.  REALLY nice.  But that doesn’t include the cost of moving it, buying a phase converter, and getting the stuff needed to get it running here at the house.  It’s taken some serious work on our part, too – we had to completely rearrange the barn to make room for this monster!

The machine Brian bought.  He’s stoked – it has a TOOL changer in it!

Anyhow, Friday was the big day.  The machine was coming!  Brian got out of work early to come and make sure that everything went smoothly.  We were excited!  And to our shock (and probably because they had such an enthusiastic audience), the movers didn’t just put it in the barn, they MOVED it into place for us.  That was HUGE, because Brian and I were planning on trying to roll it on steel bars, and winch it around into place.  They took that problem out of our hands, entirely!

The machine… and a 20,000 lb Hi-Lo to move it!

IMG_1766 (555x339) (555x339)Heeere it comes…!

Front row seat to the action.  See the kids?  LoL!!


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