´¯`•. May 24, 2017

Take On Me

Confession:   I spent half my teenage years (in the late 80s) living in England.  And the *BIG* (ohmigoodess, SO big) group there was A-Ha.  Now I realize that they had one [[[[[[one]]]]]]] hit here, in the U.S. of A., and that was ‘Take On Me’.  But they are SO MUCH more than just that one song.  I’ve got three of their albums, and should probably someday consider getting more.

What really tickles me?  Is that I passed on my love of A-Ha to my kids.  They really like the songs.  Manhattan Skyline.  Boy’s Adventure Tale.  If nothing else, you HAVE to hear their rendition of the Everly Brothers’ “Crying in the Rain”.  SOOOO beautiful!!  When we were watching ‘Smallville’, a song came on during an episode, and I squealed, “THAT’S GOTTA BE A-HA!!!”  And sure enough – we checked on-line for that episode, and it was!

Well, turns out Pentatonix (a group Lydia’s got me hooked on) has done another remix.  And you’ll never believe what they chose to do a capella:  Take On Me.  They’ve changed the words, of course – A-Ha is Norwegian and didn’t have a huge grasp on English at the time, and much of their lyrics were strangely worded.  But it’s good.  Not as good as A-Ha’s version, of course (Morten hits all of those notes, himself!  Pentatonix has to split it up between two different people.)  But it’s still beautiful.  And I had to put it on mp3, because my PC doesn’t have bass – the bass on this is amazing!

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  1. Love that!


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