´¯`•. May 23, 2017

The Turkey

So I was talking to a lady, yesterday (because I talk entirely too much when I venture out of the house), and she really zinged me:

Lady:  I had a turkey run out in front of my car, last week.
Anna:  Oh, no.
Lady:  Yeah… Luckily, I didn’t hit it – the car behind me did.
(Now everyone in our general vicinity is listening in)
Anna:  Good for you, but bad for the guy behind you.
Lady:  Bad for me, too!  It was a cop!  And then he tried to pull me over for it!
Anna:  What…?
Lady:  Yes!  He was going to give me a ticket!
Anna:  (being Anna)  Because you chucked turkey at him?
Lady:  No… because I flipped him the bird!

It took me a second longer than everyone else, but… okay.  I got it.

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