´¯`•. May 25, 2017

Travel Journaling

I thought I should preface the many, many, many, MANY travel posts that I’m about to begin doing, hereabouts, with a few worksheets that are REALLY good for traveling families.  I’ve had this travel journal page for a LONG time, and love it to death.  To the point where I need to share it.  In case I didn’t share it before.  Because I really should have!

click on the picture or this link

This is an introduction to the state.  In our case, a refresher, since we’ve done a whole State study, before (LINK).  But it’s good for the kids to know, going in.

By the same lady is another journaling page that my kids and I use on our trips.  It’s called the ‘Travel Journal’, and it works for any state.  The kids get to log something they learned that day, how many miles they traveled, where they went, and more.  Itcan be used for car trips, plane trips, train trips, etc.

Click on picture or this link

Anyhow, I am very, very grateful to Kathy for creating these sheets.  They are wonderful for the kids to do!

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