´¯`•. May 26, 2017

Our 2017 Illinois Trip

Okay, so here’s what our trip looked like.  And for the record, yellow is the state borders of Illinois.  Purple are routes/destinations for another time – whether because they lead to another state (I-55/Route66, I-70, and I-80), or are too big and would require too much time (Springfield, Rockford, Chicago).  And the blue was our trip, this time.  Circles are major destinations, the blue being places we went, the green being places we stayed.

We hiked approximately 25 miles in 9 days, and drove 2,050.  Interestingly, the trip cost was about the same as when we do it with hotels instead of camping.  Mostly this is because camping requires a) a bigger vehicle to pull the camper, and b) more gas for the bigger vehicle to pull the camper.  Although I’m not sure… I think this trip was a little longer, so until I run the numbers… well, we’ll see.  But I think it’s close.

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