´¯`•. June 06, 2017

Illinois:  Driving Day (North to South)

On our third day in Illinois, we got up, packed camp (in the drizzle), and were grateful to Yehovah Elohim that it was going to rain on a driving day.  Who cares if it’s wet when we’re warm and snug with good music in the car?  I posted about John Deere yesterday, because it was worthy of a post of its own.  But today we cover the rest of what we saw on day three, driving from the north of the state to a more southern location.

We started out the day on the road.  If you have time,
you could stop at the birthplace of Ronald Reagan.  We didn’t.

Look at that sky.  And the funky round barn!!  Near Peru, IL.

photo by Eero Saarenen, assembled by Pete Seiger, I think?
Check here to see more:  https://www.behance.net/gallery/John-Deere

I posted yesterday about John Deere World Headquarters in Moline.

Moline is one of the ‘Quad Cities’… with a big bridge to Iowa.  Since my kids have never been, we went across, just to say we’ve been to Iowa.  (And had Pizza.  While I sang the “Iowa” song from ‘The Music Man’.  *ahem.*)

As we crossed?  We saw a showboat (paddlewheel boat?)
on the Mississippi.  WoooT!!!!

Our first-ever Pizza buffet.  They made pizzas without pork
especially for us.  It was seriously nice of them.

The bridge on the way back to Illinois.  It’s kinda awesome.  And green, yes?

Next, we drove down in the POURING rain (past Deere tractors on trailers)
to Peoria, Illinois.  It apparently has twin towers!

It was coming down hard.  But the riverfront was pretty.  And all ours!

If you have time (and $$$), you can tour Caterpillar Headquarters, in Peoria.
It’s not free, like the Deere buildings… so we didn’t do it.

Peoria. In POURING rain. But Illinois does have interesting bridges.

Down on the Riverfront in Peoria, with the ‘Spirit of Peoria’.

Confession:  I wasn’t going to look for this.  I’m not a fan of Richard Pryor.  But he was on ‘Superman III’, and we’re kind of doing a  ‘Super’trip… and he was RIGHT there, on the side of the road.  I could roll down my window and take the picture.  So I did.  Richard Pryor was from Peoria… and there’s a statue, in honor of his crude humor, apparently.  Mostly?  The city was horrible to get in and out of (especially pulling a travel trailer), and we went in squares trying to find a road that was on my map, but apparently didn’t exist.  So we stumbled on Richard, and… well, here he is.

I’m sorry… I’m just… THAT big of a dweeb.  I had to.  He humors me.

Griggsville: Purple Martin Capitol of the World.
Illini are seriously weird, you know this?
We drove thru, gaping in surprise.  WHAT the what…?!?!?!

This is where I had a total emotional breakdown.  It’s stressful, travelling, navigating, but when a state is so STUPID that the map doesn’t match reality and you’re trying to turn around with a travel trailermultiple times…?  I lost it.   The road from Pittsfield to Mozier?  No name or number.  The road from Florence to Kampsville?  No name or number.  GAH!!!!!!  And naturally everything was ‘100 East’ and ’67 West’.  They’re NORTH/SOUTH ROADS!!!  And see the two 106s with 57 bisecting them, headed in wholly different directions?  It’s a MESS…!

On the other hand, it was pretty.  We drove until 9:30, and finally found our campsite, for the night.  At Pere Marquette State Park.  ((((Thank goodness!!))))


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