´¯`•. June 11, 2017

Covfefe Considerations

I don’t understand President Trump.  Can I admit that?  He kind of flummoxes me.  I know it’s because I don’t have all of the information – I don’t see the whole picture.  But some of the stuff that comes down… it’s not exactly what I hoped.  Just… stating that for the record.

And I knew – going in – that it was going to be rough.  Shaking things up is never easy.  We all agreed that Washington is a big pool of ugly monsters – corruption and self-serving power-mongers – that would need to be dealt with.  We knew that.  So it hasn’t been surprising that Trump ‘fires’ this person, and then ‘fires’ that person, and then replaces another person.  It’s like a game of ‘Whack-a-Mole’ – they’re all corrupt people clawing up the ladder, trying to get to the top, but none of them are good people.  Good, humble people?  They don’t go to Washington in search of power.  It’s got to be miserable for Trump, weeding out the uglies.  And getting slammed for doing what needs to be done, to get honest, better people in there.

We also know that the press is only interested in slaughtering the man.  No matter how strong the economy is growing, no matter how many ‘moles’ he whacks out of the positions they shouldn’t be in… it gets spun negatively.  And there’s NO way to counter that.  Still… it’s got to be hard for him, constantly being derided and belittled.

I personally had hoped that he would state more FACTS about what was going on – on the decisions he makes.  Not all of them – nobody is going to expect full disclosure.  There are things that happen that need to be secure, that would compromise our country, and I get that.  But I’d really hoped that his statements would be FACTS, not opinion.  And instead he’s made a lot of broad strokes in the way of trying to persuade, instead of making fact-based statements to inform.  This is my only disappointment in the man.  I’d hoped he’d be fact-based in his statements.

Mostly?  I think he’s had to be more careful than he thought he would have to, when he got in office.  He’s got far more opposition, and he’s got far more on his plate than he bargained for.  I’m beginning to think that it’s more than just a MESS he inherited.  I think he inherited some majorly complex situations that need quiet untangling in order to  fix them.  The knowledge he’s come into is awe-full, and probably has thrown him for a loop.

I have to keep reminding myself that he’s only been in office five months.
Considering that, I know he’s made HUGE strides.  They just look tiny, comparatively.

But this ‘COVFEFE’ thing… it really blew my mind.  First of all… Trump is an educated, intelligent man.  He knows how to spell.  Even if he didn’t auto-correct catches a ton of things.  Second, the speculation that he ‘fell asleep tweeting’ and ‘lost it’… hardly.  People don’t continue to type in their sleep, and then FIND the ‘Send’ button while incognizant.

So one of a few things could’ve happened, right?

  1. It wasn’t meant for us.
  2. He was messing with the Democrats’, who latched on
    and tried to bash him like mad over it.  Proving his point about their viciousness.
  3. Yaak is right: it’s not from Trump.

Yaak what, you ask?  Well, while I’ve been trying to think thru the whole ‘covfefe’ thing, a Jewish blogger I read daily wrote about it, and kind of blew my mind.  Here’s what he wrote:

Over Shavuot night, while Jews around the world were accepting the Torah once again, President Trump tweeted, and then deleted, the following:
[The president then followed up with]:

Who can figure out the true meaning of “covfefe” ??? Enjoy!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 31, 2017

…Perhaps, “Covfefe” can be spelled “קובפיף” and it’s really a gematria.  If we value the ף as 800, then the gematria of קובפיף is 998 and when you add the Kollel, it’s 999.  According to the Kol Hator, 999 is the highest level of awakening from below that is incumbent upon us to achieve before Mashiah comes… allowing us via Hashem’s help to reach level 1000.

And this piece of information was transmitted through President Trump on Shavuot night, similar to (להבדל) the Maggid who spoke through Rav Yosef Karo on Shavuot night.  So perhaps, despite the constant negative press that we Jews get, Hashem, speaking via the President’s Twitter feed, is admonishing us to reach ‘covfefe’ – the 999th level reached via an awakening from below, which will then lead us to an awakening from Above.

May it come speedily in our days, Amen.

I just found that exceedingly interesting, the thought that maybe it wasn’t a message for ‘America’, but for people watching for prophecy from Ha’Shem.  How awful it would be, if it was a message passed on thru the a ruler (serving as messenger!)… wouldn’t it be terrible, to be found to be one of the scoffers and ridiculers of a deeper message?  If this was something far more meaningful than anyone expected?  Wouldn’t it make the mouths look like utter fools?  I think about how the prophets of old were unlikely people – some of them rulers! – and how they were treated for the prophecies they made.  And how those messages were far greater than any of them knew.

It’skind of sobering to consider.  How our minuscule perspective is so narrow, in the grand scheme of things.  How we might not know the whole story… and should be prudent and watchful, waiting for things to be revealed and to come to pass.

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