´¯`•. June 16, 2017

Illinois:  Giant City

Carbondale.  The place with the crazy paw-prints running down all of the roads.  The town with a road called ‘No Name’.  The location of an incredible Dungeons & Dragons themed children’s park.  And…?  The vicinity of Giant City State Park.

We made some hard decisions about our travel plans, this morning, and things were rearranged. I don’t like doing that, but sometimes that happens, and with Memorial Day weekend, I really thought it might be best for us to plan for crowds. In the meantime, our plans for the day were to do Giant City in the morning, have lunch at the camp, and then do Ferne Clyffe in the afternoon or evening. But because of the rearrange, we were going to add Rocky Bluff Falls in there, somewhere.

I went heavy on the pictures, on this one, but… BEAUTIFUL!!

This morning we got up and headed to Giant City. We started at the visitor center (for trail maps) and then went to the Lodge (to see how gorgeous it is, and to get postcards at the gift shop. (That’s the souvenir we can afford for each kid from each stop, you see.)

This lodge didn’t disappoint, either. Beautiful!

They had stuffed animals all over in it. Like… taxidermy bison and calves.

Then it was time to take to the trails. Did you know Presidents came to hike, here?  There’s a wall in the lodge with pictures of all the presidents and famous people who’d come to Giant City to hike.  I suppose powerful men like to ‘walk among the giants’, is that right?  It sounds good, anyhow.

I love it when trails entice me, like this!

The kids like finding the cubbies and climb-in spots.

I love playing around with photography.

Approaching the ‘streets’. Giant City was named for the corridors in the stones.

NoTe:  You can barely see it, but high up on the very far back wall is a hole.  The tree/leaves is blocking it in this picture, but the kids were SO GEEKED, because the hole in the wall?  Is in the shape of Superman’s crest.  This being our Superman trip, with Metropolis on the agenda, they were *sure* that hole was made by Kryptonians, centuries ago…!

Isn’t it amazingly beautiful… and kinda skeery, too?!?!

The ‘Streets’ of Giant City. The kids loved running around in them!

People have been visiting since the 1800s!

Isaac’s holding up a rock to let us through. (← joking.)

You know you would love to visit this place, too!

Making friends in the ‘Streets’.

Why does this make me think of Wiley Coyote?

Follow the arrows, and come on!!!

Indigo Bunting. One of those times I’m glad for a zoom lens!

Another one of those times. Yo, bro!

These rock formations are the perfect backdrop.

Picture yourself here.

Me n’ the kids. Since friends always insist I’m in one shot.

Next hike at Giant City is ‘The Devil’s Stand Table’.
See the guy rock climbing? They’re crazy, but it looks kewl!

And here’s the Devil’s Stand Table.

And yes, this is a trail.  You knew that, right?

Third hike at Giant City, this one called ‘Stone Fort’.
It was… a lot of stones, not so much fort.

This guy was up on the top of Stone Fort.
(I’m good with lizards.  NOT e.v.e.r. snakes, though.  FYI.)

For all of the water we’d seen flooding the Mississippi and other places we’d been, astonishingly, the waterfall at Giant City was dried up.  I was pretty disappointed, but what can you do?  Apparently a lot of their falls in the south of the state depend on heavy rain wash-out to create the ‘falls’.  Flooding and mere dampness doesn’t count.  Except where my hair is concerned, and this whole trip… homiGOSH, my hair snarfled people that got to close.  (I have a metric ton of hair, and when it meets moisture, it comes alive, rises off my head, curls around, and reaches for victims.)

Anyhow, we did Rocky Bluff Falls and Ferne Clyffe the same day, but I’m taking these one at a time – for obvious reasons.  Each place is a jewel, and needs to be showcased for it’s own beauty, you know?  So until next time…!


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