´¯`•. June 20, 2017

Illinois:  Metropolis!

This is IT…!!!  The reason I decided that we should do Illinois as our trip, this year.  The pinnacle of our vacation: METROPOLIS.  Everyone was geeked.  We got up, got dressed up, were stoked…!  It was SOOOOOO exciting!!!!

This, by the way, fell out on Shabbat.  Which made it a SUPER Shabbat, which was doubly amazing.  (After all, Superman is loosely based on Messiah.  He’s of the house of ‘El’ (<< Hebrew for ‘God’), he’s humanity’s savior, he’s caring and just and good, he’s humble and gentle… We had whole discussions about this, by the way.  But I digress.

There’s a LOT pictures, because I know you’re going to want to see this.

In case you wondered how we get from place to place.
I get direction from the ‘Net, and write ’em down the old fashioned way.

Just in case we weren’t getting excited…
except… it was a little dumpy looking, truth be told.

The signs lie.  The city isn’t really that much interested in participating in the Superman phenom.  Most everything was just like any other run-down town.  As we drove in, we sobered, quickly.  Metropolis was actually kind of trashy.  My route took us through the residential area and not just the ‘shortcut’ from the expressway to the museum.  Nothing in Metropolis screamed ‘Comic Town’.  Mostly it was low income and ugly.  And as we drove the downtown drag…?  Just two buildings were Super-ified.

But those two buildings…!!

The iconic statue.  Woo-HOO!  Smile, everybody!

And me.  Because I know you like photos.
Of me.  Whatever.  (Snarfle hair…!)

We were SOOOO geeked, when we got there…!!

Ethan as the Man of Steel

It’s okay.  You can laugh.  I don’t mind.

Somebody’s protesting with a little Marvel, in town.

With Lois Lane.

What the store/museum looks like.  Sadly, only one floor of it is utilized.
And they *seriously*, SERIOUSLY need my anal to do this thing over, better.

Clark.  The Man.

George Reeves’ original phone booth.

You will notice at this point that the museum is a serious hodge-podge of stuff just thrown pretty much everywhere.  It’s old, it’s dingy, it’s overwhelming, there’s no way to see everything, and because it’s ratty, you’re not even sure you want to see everything.  The museum needed an overhaul in the 80s.  I’m not kidding, either.

I loved this paper, tho.  They should have them for sale.  No, really!

Having just come off a ‘Smallville’ mega-blitz?  This thrilled us.  But the ‘Smallville’ corner (okay, half a corner) had pretty much nothing in it.  Action figures, a replica of Lana’s Kryptonite necklace, and this, in case.  That’s pretty much the end of the ‘Smallville’ collection.  It was… uninspiring.  Except this octogonal key.

Some of it was seriously retro.  I like retro, as long as it isn’t junky.

Things that make me smile.  Can you believe this?!

Isaac being Isaac.

Lydia being Lois Lane.

Much of it was so crammed in, it was impossible to see/appreciate.
But I know who wins THIS epic battle.

Ah, the good stuff…!

I should add that there was very little that was Brendan Routh or Tom Welling.  Apparently whoever collected stopped in about 1986.  So most of what’s in the museum is George Reeves… with some Christopher Reeves thrown in.  But honestly, it just wasn’t set up so that people could enjoy the shop.  It had an old antique mall – crammed to the gills – kind of a vibe that was a little mangy and skeery.

But by the door there was this.  We were all… “There’s CHLOE!!!!!!”
(Yes, we go to Metropolis and spazz the most about Chloe.)

Love it.  Guess what street the museum is on?!

Remember ‘The Times’ that we saw in Ottawa on Day One, and how we thought it looked so kewl and retro and perfect for ‘The Daily Planet’?  Remember how we were so very excited to see if there *WAS* a Daily Planet in Metropolis?  Well, there’s a ‘Daily Planet’ there, but… Hrm.

Actually most of the town looks like this.  Nearly abandoned, scrapped out.

They could do SO MUCH more with the place.  It’s sad!
There’s a whole kitschy thing they could market – make it amazing…!
They don’t.

By chopping this down, it looks almost fun.
(It’s in front of a ‘Hollywood Icons’ museum junkyard.)

We got postcards *AND* the closest thing to Kryptonite we could find. (Can you believe they don’t have Kyptonite at the gift shop?  It’s what I was hoping for…!)  I don’t know, I tried really hard to ‘cheerleader’ our way through this, but it was not the kewl that we were expecting.  We’d hoped for… I don’t know.  A bakery with ‘Kryptonite Kupcakes’, and cookies with Superman symbols on them.  We hoped for maybe wax figures that looked like Zod and Lex.  We thought there might be Justice League off-shoot-y stuff.  We hoped for history plaques and little tidbits of trivia to entice us, and shiny glass cases with things all the way thru all three levels of the building for us to enjoy.

It wasn’t like that.  In fact, they need to hire me (and a small army), close for a year, and totally re-vamp the museum… make that thing appealing.  It’s not even so much about money – just to start with, a cleaning and organization would make a HUGE difference.  But WoW… it was trashed.  And grimy.  And piled into one small floor/area.

Still.  We made it to Metropolis!!

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