´¯`•. June 23, 2017

Illinois: Garden of the Gods/Rim Rock

This had to be THE best, most breathtaking, the most incredible part of our trip.  It was also the end of our nature explorations, and I have to say… it was one heckuva grand finale.

We packed up, hooked up, and headed out.  I’d decided to take us the ‘scenic route’ to our next destination, because it was significantly shorter.  Brian was a *little* wiggy about driving a travel trailer down a one-lane road for a LONG ways, though… the trees seemed to reach out to grab us!

Then next stop?  The Garden of the Gods.
You have NO idea how beautiful…!!!

And terrifying.  I was having heart palplitations over the thought
of four little boys and the climbing, and the cliffs.

(Jumping off them the day before pro’ly didn’t help me, none!)

I tried to be adventure mom, but…  it was a total nightmare, to me.

I was like, “Slide.  On your butt.  Only that far!  Don’t go any further.  Homigosh, NOOOO.  Brian, get BACK here!!  Please?  Please, please…  pleasepleasepleasepleasepleeeeease don’t…?!!?!??!   I can’t handle this.  I can’t HANDLE this.  Isaac!  GET BACK!!!  Hoooomigosh.   Hooooomigosh…!!!!

The kids said they’ve never seen me so out-of-my-mind panicked.

I didn’t have to worry about Ethan.  He’s not fond of heights.

But Isaac.  Ah, the fun that is Isaac…!

I tried to get them to climb non-cliffs.  It didn’t work.

Do you see Isaac’s face?  He kept begging to go OUT, and I’d say no,
and he’d make faces like THAT, and he’d growl at me.  Too bad.
I prefer him alive, thankyouverymuch.

Speaking of… there’s my man.  Coaxing me out just a *little* ways.

IMG_3117 (550x413)

 The humidity of this state poofed my hair up.  Snarfle bangs…!!!
(I know people like pictures of me.  This is me, humoring you.)

Note how the kids are strategically NOT out too far away from terre firma.

I use angles of camera to make it *look* like they’re out there.
Clever, skeered-as-shit Mama, at work!  (While hyperventilating.)

Because the rest of the lunatics here were not.
They terrified me.  They were going. To fall.

I scooted on my hiney-tushy to where I could
photograph my boots at the edge of a cliff.  Brian snickered.  A lot.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful…!!  (And busy.)
But you’d LOVE this place!

Another five miles down the road was Rim Rock.  Everyone who goes to Garden of the Gods goes to Rim Rock, too.  It’s a very small hiking loop, with Rim Rock at the farthest point from the parking lot.  It’s worth the time to visit.

Descending into Rim Rock.

It was SKINNY in there.  Well, not gotta-turn-sideways skinny… but close, in spots!  (Some bigger ladies told me they were bushing the sides and worried about getting stuck, so I was concerned.)  But I had no problems.  Apparently I’m not as chubby as I feel?


This was me, clinging tightly to a tree, leaning over to get a picture from above.
((Isaac:  Can I see?  Me:  NO!!  STAY BACK!!!  Isaac:  Grrrrrrr!!!!))

Anyhow, this is THE most visited place in Illinois, and there’s a reason why.  And it was VERY busy, when we went, but then it was Memorial Day weekend, by this time.  It was still one hundred percent worth it.  Even if I’m a little skeery around cliffs, at this point…

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